It Is Reported to be 190 million 5G users in the fall of 2020 and 2.8 billion in 2025

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has approximated the usage of 5G networks will rise from 190 million in 2020 to 2.8 billion over the world. This has been described in the estimation of the rise of data usage and the number of users per region of the Ericsson Mobility Report of June 2020.

The report analyzed the connection of societies and the communication among families and the aspect of fundamental digital infrastructure during the risk of COVID-19. “Because of the pandemic of COVID-19 changed the lifestyles of many people and most people have to work and learn from home. The result is that the usage of the internet in businesses is turning into households. Our latest report, Ericsson Mobility Report, tells that mobiles and default networks are becoming a huge part of the nation’s major basic infrastructures,” tells Fredrik Jejdling, the Executive Vice President and Head of Networks of Ericsson.

Although in some markets the increasing rate of the subscription of 5G is being slow in the case of the pandemic, Ericsson has overestimated the amount of 5G subscriptions over the world because of the rest of speedy markets. Photo Source

Jejdling included, “The success of 5G is measured by the number of subscriptions and moreover, it is determined by the impacts of people and businesses gained. 5G is created for innovation and this pandemic has highlighted the value of communication in reforming economic activities.”

Changes in the habits of users due to the lockdown cause significant changes in the usage of default and mobile networks. The largest percentage of increasing traffic is default household networks and the rate of usage increases from 20 to 100 percent. But numerous service providers have noticed the increase of users’ rate in their mobile networks.

In a recent study made by Ericsson Consumer Lab, 83 percent of interviewees from 11 countries answered that the IT technology took enormous benefits in solving the case of a lockdown. As a result of surveys, ICT services such as e-learning and wellness app are increasingly used and the connection among themselves helped the users to be adaptable to new circumstances.

In concerns with the future, 57 percent answered to accumulate wealth for future financial securities and one- third of the interviewees aimed to invest in better broadband and 5G at their homes in regards of preparing for the second wave.

EMR Insights: 2025 has described that 5G will exceed 270 million users and overwhelm the 20 percentage of the whole mobile usage, and then become the second most popular cellular technology after LTE.Photo Source

The data traffic of a phone of Southeast Asia and Oceania increases by 33 percent CAGR and in 2025, it’s estimated to be 25GB. The total flow of mobile data in Southeast Asia increases by 40 percent in CAGR and approximates to reach from 3.2 EB per month to 25 EB per month.

“To be a successful 5G in Myanmar, it is mainly important to invest in 4G. Private networks are a very important first step of giving a momentum of providing services to users who are able to use 5G. For the digital transformation of any field of businesses and products in various parts of the world,” described by Eris Timmer, Head of Ericsson Myanmar.

This report includes the estimations for the rate of data usage and data users per region, reviews on cloud-based gaming, exclusive private networks, and certain articles concerned with millimeter-wave strategy of urban cities.

Ericsson now has over 93 commercial 5G agreements and 40 among them are currently operating networks.

Ericsson will make sure service providers gain the full value of connection. In the business history of the company, networks, digital services, managerial services, and new businesses are included and our services are designed for users to have higher benefits in a short period and to find new profitable plans.

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