Myanmar’s online advertisement distribution service company MOA

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Speaking of online marketing in Myanmar, SNS (≒ Facebook) marketing is mainstream. Online marketing is synonymous with the SNS market because most of the purpose of using the Internet is SNS usage including Facebook.
Also, among the SNS, the usage rate of Facebook is overwhelmingly high, so online marketing is actually Facebook marketing in Myanmar.

· We are engaged in digital marketing
· We undertake online marketing

There are several such companies, but knowing the actual situation, the service content of most companies is Facebook operation support.
It is qualitative in a sense, but it feels like it is not true online marketing, and now it’s fine, but in the long run, a question mark comes to mind.

There is a company that is different in such a world of Myanmar’s online marketing.
That is MOA (Myanmar Online Advertisement).
The new company which started service about a year ago, but their strategy is sharp.

They do not look at eyes on Facebook market. It seems to be said that they say “It’s nonsense to do only Facebook operation.” They are building a network of online advertisements targeting prominent websites in Myanmar. In other words, they focus on the website and are developing online advertising business. The affiliated websites include news sites, entertainment sites, sports-related sites, and cover a wide range.
According to them, “Myanmar’s main websites are limited, and only about 40 to 50 sites are excluded except for media-based sites and other sites that have managed to create advertising space at their own company.”
They have partnered with half of them, and in Myanmar at the present time, they boast of outstandingly overwhelming networking power.
And the network is being expanded sequentially.

If you would like to do online advertising, MOA provides advice based on experience if you indicate target layer and tell the image, they will propose appropriate ad delivery destination.

As a matter of fact, when I consulted, they made quite concrete and reasonable suggestions.
Depending on the number of impressions, they have a mechanism to charge, and we can post either image advertisement or video advertisement, but distribution availability varies depending on the site.
In the case of image advertisement, if you convey the image of the post and give logo data etc, they will support you.
As of June 2017, they do not charge for content creation, they charge for ad delivery only.

If you are interested, please contact MOA directly or contact MynmarTechPress.