How to search on google

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How is your way to search the information?
Will you call your friends to ask?

In Myanmar, most of young people search the information on Facebook. Occasionally searching on Facebook is a very effective way in Myanmar. But most of the information is outside of Facebook.

According to one report, you can connect only one information about the 20,000.

Therefore,the point is how to obtain correct information from the information in the world.

I think that there are also many people who already know, but if you use Google,you can touch information around the world.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a precious source of information in Myanmar. However, Facebook information is distributed by Facebook. You have just received the delivered information. In addition to receiving it, let’s actively gather information using Google. Not only receive, using the Google, let’s collect actively information.

The method is simple.
Perhaps your phone also contains Google chrome.
First of all, let’s choose that one.

Click on the part of “Search or type URL”

The keypad will start up

It is not necessary to enter “http: //— ” here.
Just type in keywords related to the information you want to find.

For example, if you want to go to a Japanese restaurant in Yangon.
Let’s search by entering keywords and spaces, like “Japanese restaurant Yangon”.
You can reach the information about it.

You do not need to enter the entire URL when you want to find this site.

You can search by just typing “myanmartechpress”

When you press the search button, the search result is displayed.

Then, you can select the site you would like to see.

You can access the information you want to see without going through Facebook.
In Myanmar, page search with Facebook is the main.
In other countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Japan etc., the purpose of using the Internet is much information search.

For example, if you think “I want to investigate advertising services in Myanmar”
Searching is possible by examining “Myanmar advertisement service”.

If you think “I want to investigate the population of Mandalay”, you can search by “Mandalay population”.

Some search in Burmese is also possible, but it is actually a bit difficult.

There are also parts that are not useful because there are many companies that do not own websites even though they have a Facebook page.

However, as you can step into the world of the web where not only Facebook but also more information gather, you can touch information around the world, so please try it.