Difference between Developer and Programmer

Once a technology specialist has been hired in a company, questions about the difference between developer and programmer may arise. Frankly, the difference in the field of operation in which they have to take responsibility. Developers have to work to understand the whole project they are responsible for. Programmers are only responsible for the coding part of the project. Programmers can also be referred to as engineers or coders. The programmers’ job is to write codes, test and fix the bugs.

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Their job is to prepare the instructions in a language that can be understood by a computer. Many programming languages are used to prepare these instructions. They have to be fluent in many languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Oracle, SQL Server and JavaScript, etc. Programmers working exclusively one type of programming usually focus on single programming language whereas the programmers who work all types of programming write codes for a lot of software. Programmers usually work with their Team Leader (senior programmer).
Types of computer programmers:
– Application programmers: Develop programs that can record specific tasks of the manufacturing process in a factory.
– System programmers: Develop programs to customize computer software systems such as Operating Systems, Database management systems, etc.
– AI/ Machine Learning Engineers.
– Game programmers.
– Mobile Application Developers.

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Developers can also be described as software engineers. Their job is to write codes. However, they are also responsible for improving the project or software. In addition to writing codes, developers also have to do the followings:
– Software designing.
– Upgrading.
– Researching.
– Data entry and specifications.
– Revision.
– Testing software.
– Implementation.
– Analysis.
In fact, developers work like programmers first yet they have a much larger working field.

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Mobile Developers develop applications for smartphones, tablets and other devices. Mobile Developers need to be fluent in Java and Kotlin for Android or Objective-C and Swift for iOS platforms.
DevOps Engineers are usually researchers with leadership, economic, organization and structural skill or Senior Developers.
Although the programmers and developers have to write code, their works are very different. A great programmer needs to work in every part of a project, so he/she doesn’t have to work as a developer. Many developers start working as programmers and they take the position of developer-only when they can take on more responsibilities.