Chatbot or Chat+robot, but not Chat Box

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As technology is widely developed, social media has gradually improved as well. We can search as we want by switching data at once.  For example, if you are interested in an item from one of online shop, you can inquire quickly at the page’s Chatbot about phone number, address and other items price as well.

What is Chatbot? Chatbot is a computer program which can automatically reply. It can also be called talkbot, chatterbot, bot. Typically it scan the keywords form sender, then it reply at once with relevant answer or most similar keywords by matching the keywords and codes already put it in. Messenger Chatbot was officially introduced at Facebook in January, 2016. At a very first stage, it was used only in media platform of partner companies like Sim Sim and CNN etc, but in later, it has been widely used in most of Business pages. It has been used in Myanmar, but not widely. In surveying about Chatbot, five out of ten people wrong with messenger chatbox.







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Currently in Myanmar,

*Samsung Myanmar

*Hti Teik Mal


*Bar Si Ma Lae ect ..Facebook page are now using Chatbot and response all questions within a short time. If you put lottery ticket’s released time, lottery ticket number and Myanmar alphabet in the chatbot of “Hti Teik Mal” , it will response whether you win lottery or not. If only put in lottery ticket’s released time. it comes with photo of lottery result for that mentioned lottery ticket’s released time.









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In inquiring Bus line number. On “DoeMal” chatbot, it will autoreply with fee, Bus stops and map to the place. If you do not know Bus line number and just put the Bus stop that you want to go, chatbot will inform you with the Bus line which can get your mentioned Bus stop. These above functions are not controlled by someone, just by auto encoded Chatbot.









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Chatbox can mainly be used for Business Facebook Page.

Customer Service

Mobile & IT Shops

Travel & Tour

Online Shops

Hotel & Restaurants

A Chatbot that is created for this business conserves to response customers’ inquiring, to share information of promotion and discount items to customers.

These days, there has been some websites which are easy to create a web page even not to hire for web developers, then watch YouTube video and try by self from website of etc.

By using Chatbot get good advantages on make extension on your business field, to be well-known about your page for quick response reply to customers and in the meantime, you can survey about customer’s need and demand based on “frequently asked questions” .