Connect Job Myanmar that every job seeker should know (Interview with Ma Thae Su Moe Naing, Manager of Connect Job Myanmar)

Due to the current situation in Myanmar, most job seekers are increasingly looking for job vacancies online as it is harder to find a job outside. Finding a job that we would like to do is not an easy task when it comes to finding a job. Job seekers contact job agency companies whether free or paid that can find suitable jobs for them. Photo Source

Connect Job Myanmar, which has been operating for almost 9 years, is one of the leading free jobs searching companies with over 9 years of experience. This article is about the interview with Ma Thae Su Moe Naing, Manager of Connect Job Myanmar by the Myanmar Tech Press Team, to help job seekers find a job that is suitable for them. 

The Myanmar branch of Connect Job Myanmar which has been operating for almost 9 years, was established in 2013.  The company can be said as an experienced company in the field of job searching. It started as a TOP CAREER Myanmar before 2018. 

About the idea of starting Connect Job Myanmar in Myanmar, Ma Thae Su Moe Naing, Manager of Connect Job Myanmar explains, “The company is based in Japan and the headquarter is located in Tokyo. The idea of opening a Myanmar branch office was to provide job opportunities from foreign and Japanese-based companies in Myanmar as well as other job opportunities across Myanmar to students and mid-careers in Myanmar.”

And, the main purpose of launching Connect Job Myanmar is to offer better job opportunities to students in Myanmar. Despite having a certain degree, job opportunities are also still scarce for students. 

To date, Connect Job Myanmar has been sharing job vacancies from the company that takes recruitment services to job seekers. Also offers consulting services to job seekers who need consultation. Everything is free for job seekers. Since its inception, more than 500 job seekers have been employed, and nearly 150 companies have been approached for recruitment services.  

Ma Thae Su Moe Naing, Manager of Connect Job Myanmar said “We provide services to companies that need employe until they get a qualified one. The service includes an interview, English Language/Japanese Language Check, and Background check. Head Hunting Service is also available. At Present, we are trying to provide recruitment services that meet the company’s needs in a short period. Bygone days, the face-to-face interview took a lot of time, but now we can provide an online interview in no time.”

The most sought-after jobs in Connect Job Myanmar are Software engineers and Developers. It can be said as an opportunity for young graduates who are looking for technical career opportunities. 

Whenever new job opportunities appear, an email notification will be sent to job seekers on the Connect Job Myanmar website. Photo … Ma Thae Su Moe Naing, Manager of Connect Job Myanmar

Ma Thae Su Moe Naing, Manager of Connect Job Myanmar said “The applicants have to wait one or two weeks for the interview. Comment Job Myanmar currently offers not only job opportunities in Myanmar but also internships, scholarships, and study in Japan. The service charges are free for student job seekers. You can apply for a work visa/internship and event/website in Japan through, study and japan through, and Tokutei Ginou job through a mobile application.”

Visit the following link for more information about Connect Job Myanmar for those looking for new job opportunities.