Better HR, A Way Out for Business Owners Who Do Not Want to Bother with Managing Staff (An Interview with Ma Moe Htet Kyi Phyu from Better HR)

With the emergence of many tech-based entrepreneurial businesses in Myanmar, office administration has improved with the help of technology. Among them, many business owners are using Better HR Systems for employee management. The start of Better HR is also very interesting.

Here is an interview by Myanmar Tech Press about the Better HR System, which is popular among business owners as technical assistance for office administration. In fact, Better HR was established in September 2019 as a Myanmar-based cloud technology-based HR entrepreneurial business. Nexlabs, one of Myanmar’s leading digital agencies, has developed Better HR, an in-house software program designed to perform fundamental HR activities within a company. Photo Source

“Better HR is an essential pillar for organizations to accomplish the continuous management of HR activities, whether inside or outside the office. The Better HR mobile app allows recording employees’ working hours and leaves, payroll calculations, messaging between employees, and management mechanisms. It is easy to use and can reduce the workload of HR,” said Ma Moe Htet Kyi Phyu, Marketing Manager of Better HR.

More than 200 companies from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam use Better HR to manage 35,000 employees, calculating the monthly salaries of more than 2 million dollars every month. 80% of the market is from Myanmar. During the global epidemic, the number of users of Better HR, which is a digital product, has quadrupled. We are preparing to expand our market into Thailand around September 2022. For now, we are setting up the company,” she added.

Just by installing the Better HR app on your phone, you will be able to perform the tasks such as (1) Attendance, (2) Overtime, (3) Leave, (4) Payroll, (5) Learning Center, and (6) Chat.

“In this digital age, to keep your business ahead of time, employee management should be completely digitalized instead of the usual Excel document sheets. With Better HR, you can check your employees’ attendance, leave, and overtime in real-time with just one click. In addition, HR can easily use this software for automatic calculation of salaries saving the time and energy of doing it manually as before,” said Ma Moe Htet Kyi Phyu, Marketing Manager of Better HR.

All servers on Better HR need log-in access. So, you need to have log-in info and a password to view the data. The Permission feature allows restriction of data views and edits by positions making data leaks impossible. For instance, the data view of the HR manager and that of the owner or directors might be different. The penetration test is also performed annually. Confidential data related to salary is also encrypted.
At the moment, two new features, Learning Center (document library) and Chat have been released. The recruitment-related feature is reportedly set to be released at the end of this year. They are also trying to enable video calls in Chat.
If you are about to start using Better HR, you can get a 14-day Free Trial first. Once the trial starts, the Better HR Customer Success team will call a Trial onboarding online meeting to provide free training on how to use the software including the payroll calculation. Using the Better HR software and mobile app is even easier than using Facebook, making it convenient for those unfamiliar with technology,” she added.

If you want to try out the Better HR system, you can go to the website and fill out the Free Trial Form. You can also visit the link below.