Engineering for Kids to shape the future of children (Interview with Ko Aung Khant Ko, Computer Science Teacher of Engineering for Kids)

Engineering for Kids is a place opened to teach computer science to children in Myanmar systematically. As it teaches children the basics of computer science, it is a place where parents can safely shape their children’s future.

At present, parents in Myanmar think that it is too early to teach computer science to their children. If you have been taught the basics systematically since childhood, you will have a better foundation for this subject.

Engineering for Kids Myanmar was launched in 2016 and parents quite not familiar with STEM Education. STEM Education is the short term of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education and is a must education system in the curriculum of international schools. STEM Education system is not used in Myanmar yet, and only using the inability of memorizing system without practical. Engineering for Kids was started with the intention of upgrading education system level in Myanmar. Photo Source… Ko Aung Khant Ko, Computer Science Teacher of Engineering for Kids

Ko Aung Naing Oo, founder of Engineering for Kids Myanmar started with the desire to replenish the education system in Myanmar using his experiences when he graduated as an engineer from England. Since its inception, Engineering for Kids has been able to introduces STEM Education to many children from across Myanmar along with the partner education institutions.

Ko Aung Khant Ko, Computer Science Teacher from Engineering for Kids Myanmar said “In international, children are taught from the age of four. There will be a huge gap if we don’t learn computer science basics in our young age. Children from foreign countries who have learned since they were young have become quite skilled when they grow up. In case, there is a large amount of educational gap for Myanmar compared to the international countries.”

The current teaching method in Engineering for Kids is done with the After School Program. In case, most of the children come to study as the extra-curricular subjects. Engineering for Kids is now teaching Computer Science Specialize Class, Programming, JAVA Script classes as well as Game Supremacy class for children interested in Game Development. In addition, Science, Math and Technology are also taught in Stand Regular Classes.

“For the international students, they will have to make projects and programs that can be implemented outside of school. It will open opportunities for them if they attend these classes. However, local children are interested in stand education, but they can’t keep up other online education because of a language barrier or some other situation. Engineering for Kids was started to fulfill the educational gap in Myanmar. And I want to introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education in Myanmar,” he added.

Engineering for Kids will launch 10 months of duration class that teach JAVA, JAVA Script, C++, Script Programming for computer enthusiasts, who are new to computer science, and those who need mentor.

“Students will learn full international curriculum as well as the additional courses in After School Program. Teaching style and feedback for the curriculum always exists in the organization for each teacher. We always pay attention to the teaching style in every meeting. Subjects are taught with a focus on practical activities that can be used in the outside world. There are also face-to-face teaching programs with students,” he explained. Photo Source

Robotic Classes are also included in the current Engineering for Kids courses. Plus, we are also preparing class for how to incorporate creativity, and how do you use with LEGO Toys. There are also classes that teach EV3, WEDO 2.0 educational robotics lessons, and planning to include other supplemental lessons that are compatible with Myanmar’s education system. All courses can be paid for with Mobile Payments.

We have trained children who have competed in international level competitions such as World Robot Olympiad as well as other domestic and foreign competitions such as Coding, Robotic, and Hackathon.

Locally, we have experience in providing many STEM trainings to government teachers as CSR programs, and we are working hard to continue planning social benefit programs in cooperation with partner organizations.

“Engineering for Kids is recognized by the organizations such as Cognia Organization, the International Association of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). Engineering for Kids has opened more than 150 learning centers in more than 30 countries around the world. Indonesia, Malaysia, USA including Myanmar and are connected to each other. The certificate that the student got here is the same certificate from the whole world. It is not a local but an international recognized certificate,” he added.

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