GYS Online Classes for young people who are seeking for knowledge

Young people with work are not able to spend their time studying. As a result, most people attend and study the subject they are interested in through online classes in their spare time. Online classes are also an opportunity for anyone who wants to study at a minimum fee. GYS Online Classes is one of the most popular training courses for youths.

GYS Online Classes has been organizing seminars and events across Myanmar since 2018 for the future development of young people. In 2019, GYS Online Classes was established to provide knowledge, soft skills, and language classes for every Myanmar citizen with internet access. Photo Source

GYS Online Classes has over 30 classes. But in general, the classes are divided into four groups, language, management, business, and personal development training. IT training class is also available.

If you are planning to attend GYS Online Classes to improve your skills, it uses 50% of the student and 50% of the class teaching methods. It means the trainer will take full responsibility for the lessons and teaching methods until you fully understand if the students do their homework, and exercises regularly.

GYS Online Classes offer language classes in English, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and French from basic to advanced. There are also many levels from beginner classes to Business English for the English Language.

In addition to HR, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, and Soft-Skill classes such as Time Management, Effective Communications, Money IQ, Personal Goal Setting, and Online Business classes like Facebook Marketing and Master Online Selling courses are available at GYS Online Classes. Once the students pay the fee, they can study until they understand the subject. GYS Online Classes will later open more IT classes for young IT enthusiasts.

In terms of teaching, the class will be taught through video files from basics systematically in Facebook Private Group. Students can contact teachers directly through the chat box to ask questions they don’t understand. Language classes also include student chat groups, Zoom Meetings, and Lives. Photo Source

GYS Online Classes shares knowledge about languages, language learning methods, and general knowledge. Currently, GYS is trying to upload on a website and create an application to make learning easier.

GYS trainees receive a Certificate of Completion upon the course is completed. The minimum class fee is 9,000 kyats for Basic Computer while the maximum of 120,000 kyats for Side Hustle (Start your own business) at GYS.

In addition to KBZ, AYA, CB, and YOMA Banking, training fees are mostly being paid by KBZPay and WavePay. CB Pay, AYA Pay, UAB Pay, True Money, and Bangkok Bank are also accepted.

GYS Online Classes, which has over 30,000 trainees and good reviews, will be the best place to choose for youths who are looking for a reliable online class to study at any time, anywhere.