An Online Class for Workplace PowerPoint Presentation to the advanced level

An Online Class for Workplace PowerPoint Presentation by Level A Profession Training Academy is now available to attend with just 10,000 Kyats. It is a chance to study a subject only for only 10,000 Kyats that is only available in the regular course fee (200,000 Kyats).

The advantages of attending this course will be creating your own PowerPoint Slide, able to do a professional presentation, reduce anxiety during your presentation, and it will also benefit those who want to prepare a good PowerPoint Presentation. Photo Source

Company Executive Level Heads, University Students who are afraid to speak in public, those who intend to open an online course and are preparing to make a course outline, and those who want to study presentation should attend this course. You will no longer have to spend a lot of time studying Public Speaking and Presentation skill by taking this online course.

Here are some of the outline videos.

Step by step PowerPoint creating processes with Computer is explained in the Video Lesson (1). You have to follow step-by-step processes with your computer after opening the video.

Some tips to help you create a professional PowerPoint presentation is explained in Video Lesson (2).

In Video Lesson (3), the Language Phrases that must be included in a PowerPoint Presentation are explained. You must use these words in your presentation.

Some questions and answers that you have to go through and suggestions on how to respond to the questions you can’t answer are highlighted in Video Lesson (4).

The Video Lesson (5) is intended for those who want to learn Public Speaking skills. You will be able to learn the requirements for a Presenter, Body Language, and Eye contact.

All video files are explained in English and in detail which will be useful for those who need to present in Myanmar/English Language. All outlines will be sent via email. Photo Source

You can contact 09956401414 and 09674408449. And transfer the course fees to your favorite account form the following numbers.

KBZPay – 09956401414 (Daw Khine Lae Wai)
Wave Money Account- 09956401414 (Khine Lae Wai)
KBZ Account – 999,307,999,351,577,01 ( KHINE LET WAI )
CB Account – 2022,6005,0014,9713 ( Daw KHING LAE WAI )
AYA Account – 0096,2010,1002,9900 ( KHINE LAE WAI )
AGD Account – 3300,0010,0025,8019( KHINE LAE WAI )

You have to notify in Page Messenger Box with the screenshot and will be added to the private group where the lesson video files are uploaded.

Check the following link for more.