Saya Application should be installed on the phone of people with low English skills (Interview with Ko Shem, CEO of Saya Application)

Saya Application is an app which is designed to learn English easily from the basics for youths and adults. It can be said as the best application for those who want to start learning English at home. Many people are using the app currently as it is a good app for people with low English skills.

Saya Application was launched in August 2021. The app which can be used from Android, iOS, and website, was designed for those who believe English language as one of the essential skills that anyone from any industry should know. Photo Source…Saya Application ၏ CEO ဖြစ်သူ Shem

Ko Shem, CEO of Sayar Application said “Saya application is the application developed by the Binary Lab Ltd. Binary Lab Ltd. is a business that develop B2B Software. We also develop Mobile application and Web Platform depending on the client’s requirements. After developing for 2 years, we, co-founders decided to make our own in-house product and started with the idea of developing a mobile app that allow youths as well as adults to learn daily English easily without having to go outside.”

Contents are divided by level in the application. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking as well as Grammar and Vocabulary are included in 4 Skills section. Each course has video lectures and users will be able to practice with games in the application. A practice session has been added to check whether the user understands or not each time the video lesson has completed. It has quite comprehensive contents for those who want to make self-learning, who don’t want to attend the class and who want to study in their spare time.

“There is a small function called “Ask” to be used when a user has a problem using the app or do not understand the content. Users can check and ask through the function at one. Not an instant reply, but we take some time to give an answer. There is also a live class which goes live 7 or 8 times a week. We have added a lot of functions to support what self-learners don’t understand and to solve problems in their learning journey,” Shem added.

At that time of starting the Saya Application, there were some difficulties which is making partnerships with teachers as there aren’t many teachers and creating content as well. To date, Saya application has more than 130,000 users.

“Saya application is a premium application which can also be used for free. Users will be able to use it for free until you reach a certain level. So far, there are 130,000 users,” he explained.

For the packages, there are four packages: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year. The charges for the packages are 18,500 kyats for 3 months, 30,600 kyats for 6 months, 39,000 kyats for 9 months, and 55,000 kyats for 1 year.

“Currently, we don’t provide any certificate but there will be a certification program later. Depending on the results of Quiz answers, how to apply for exam, one-on-one discussion with student and teacher, skill checking through zoom meetings, deciding skill level, we will provide examination program. In addition, there is a conversation mode that will be included in the later updates. Users can talk with a bot and will be able to provide feedback about what needs to be fixed or the speaker’s pronunciation is correct or not,” Shem added about the future updates.

After purchasing a package, a user can log in and use it on Android, iOS, and website. Visit the link below for more.
Download and install saya application through the following link.

App Link – (Android & iOS)