Chat Chin, a treasury application for every driver (Interview with Fynn Hlaing, Founder of One Atkhayar Co., Ltd which developed Chat Chin Application, and Ma Ni Ni Tin Win, Co-Founder of Chat Chin)

How can drivers know in advance when the car will break down (or) how long will it be good to use? Sometimes, it can suddenly break down while driving. But it can be said as a common problem faced by every driver.

With the development of technology in Myanmar, people have learned to use it to get technical assistance for anything. Also, drivers have learned to use one or more other automobile-related applications on their phones in addition to road map applications. Chat Chin Application is one of the apps for drivers.

Here is an interview with Fynn Hlaing, Founder of One Atkhayar Co., Ltd which developed the Chat Chin Application, and Ma Ni Ni Tin Win, Co-Founder of Chat Chin to know more about the importance and helpfulness of the Chat Chin Application for drivers.

Photo… Fynn Hlaing, Founder of One Atkhayar Co., Ltd, and Ma Ni Ni Tin Win, Co-Founder of Chat Chin (Right to Left)

Chat Chin Application which started in early 2022, is now a popular application used by many drivers. The app was designed to fulfill the thoughts of having an app with all the automobile-related services in one place.

Services within the app include Roadside Assistance (Emergency support for car breakdowns can be called immediately), searching the nearest Car Workshop, Service Center, Car Showrooms Car Accessory Stores in no time, as well as learning recommendations of other car users, finding the nearest gas station locations in the App without losing your extra time and fuel, checking Car Showrooms, and adding car-related services manually for free. Chat Chin Application includes useful features for car users and users will be able to open an account for free. Photo Source

Ma Ni Ni Tin Win, Co-Founder of Chat Chin, said “The Soft Launch of Chat Chin was in April 2022. We have got about 2,000+ users with 400+ monthly active users using the app. Since we want to add additional services, we have not actively done marketing campaigns recently.”

It can be downloaded through Google Play Store for Android, App Store for Apple, and from Huawei App Gallery. Currently, users mainly use the app’s location-based service called “Nearby”. And the second mainly used service is “Review & Rating”. The app is designed to optimize data usage as much as possible and VPN will not be required.

“When analyzing users, there are two types of users, consumers, and show owners. Users use the Nearby feature the most to find the service they need. As we do daily update on the fuel prices that automatically on our Home Screen, we see users spend some of their time on the Home Screen as well. As shop owners, they are looking at the reviews, ratings and promote their businesses,” She added. Photo… Ma Ni Ni Tin Win, Co-Founder of Chat Chin

Currently, Chat Chin is about building community and connecting users to shops through discovery, reviews, and ratings with essential information. More services will be added to Chat Chin App for shop owners to provide their services and products later.

She added, “Chat Chin is a community-driven application for those who care about cars one way or another. Users can find information as well as they can also add new information by logging in Chat Chin app and it’s free for all. As a community-driven application, the contribution from our users is key to the usefulness of the app. Sharing is caring and the more our consumers contribute and share the useful information under the categories promoted, the better it gets.”

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