Dinger Financial Management Platform for businesses with payment receive problems (Interview with Ko Tint Htoo Naung, Co-Founder of Dinger Financial Management Platform)

In addition to Online Shopping businesses, other businesses are recently facing difficulties in one way or another in accepting digital money transfers, especially SMEs, and Startups businesses. Many digital service platforms have emerged in Myanmar in order to solve these problems.

Among those digital platforms, the Dinger Financial Management Platform is one of the digital platforms with helpful assists for businesses in terms of payments. Here is an interview with Ko Tint Htoo Naung, Co-Founder of Dinger Financial Management Platform by Myanmar Tech Press Team, about how it can help businesses in terms of receiving payment on the Dinger financial management platform. Photo… Ko Tint Htoo Naung, Co-Founder of Dinger Financial Management Platform

Although the idea of starting the Dinger financial management platform would be launched in late 2018, it was actually launched in May 2019.

Ko Tint Htoo Naung, Co-Founder of Dinger Financial Management Platform said, “The starting idea is that we started a startup company first and there was a payment problem at that time. We wonder how to accept payment cash or delivery, or what kind of digital payment can be accepted as a business that provides services. Although digital payments were not widely used at that time, it was difficult for SMEs to connect with banks. We started with the idea that other companies would not have the problems we faced.”

Dinger Digital Payment Service Platform currently provides mobile banking apps, mobile wallets, and bank cards with a single bank account to receive money for businesses. Since its inception, there are already about 150 business using the Dinger Digital Payment Service Platform.

“Dinger Digital Payment Service Platform will make all the upgrades that will make business companies more productive. At present, we are working on monthly payment called recorded payment from instant payment. If a user uses a business account, he/she can have various team numbers under himself and they will also be going to be upgraded,” he added.

Dinger Financial Management Platform will be made into an application later. Services of the Dinger Financial Management Platform are divided into three sections for businesses. It was divided into online shopping, SMEs, and other business companies. Being able to use the financial solutions of the Dinger Financial Management Platform easily is a major benefit for these three business types. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/dinger.asia

Dinger Digital Payment Service Platform has made it possible to receive money by having a link for online shopping, and the price will be 15,000 kyats. Businesses with websites and applications will charge a monthly service fee of 30,000 kyats. The price will change for the enterprise depending on their products. It can be paid monthly and there will be transaction fee without needing to pay other charges.

He also mentioned that “Although we are Dinger Digital Service, we intent to go towards the Smart Fiennes Management Platform. We will provide not only to receive money, but also other services needed in business. Plus, we are going to add services like payment, receive, and loan application. We will make Dinger as a Smart Fiennes Management Platform.”

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