MPT Top Up Cards are now QR Code-enabled

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MPT top up cards now come with the QR code system alongside with numbered codes.
This plan was launched with video tutorials on the official MPT Facebook page in the afternoon on 26 June.
We all have already known that smartphones are needed to access QR code system.
And the users need to access the QR scanner function available through the MPT4U mobile application.

1.Open the MPT4U mobile application on your mobile device.
2.Click on the menu button on the app screen and select “Top Up”.
3.Once on the “Top Up” menu screen, click on the QR code image to access the QR scanner function after scratch the QR code area.
4.Scan the QR code on top, up voucher once scratched the QR Code Location.
5.Once successfully completed, a notification will be displayed confirming your balance recharge amount.

This QR code system makes top up process a lot more convenient.
With this, the users no longer have to enter the pin numbers carefully one digit by one.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that the numbered code system is boring though.
But it means that topping up becomes more convenient than ever. Especially for elderly people, the pin numbers are small and not only one or two digits.
There are even 18 digits and the small digits are hard to read and entering a digit repeatedly and omission of digits is more likely to happen.
Even we the youths have to do it carefully with concentration and thus, that is a more difficult task for old people.
My parents themselves cannot make the topping up and have to ask for someone’s help for that every time.

This QR code system is not included in every top up cards though.
Only top up cards worth 10,000ks and 20,000ks include this system.
They plan to put it in top up cards worth under 10,000 ks is not yet known.
But from an economic point of view, they may take about a month to do that.
The possible time is after sales of QR-enabled top up cards have met their target.

Because mankind wants something new and likes to try even unnecessary things, it is sure that Myanmar people want to top up just by scanning QR codes. I admit I do too.
Plus, mobile phone bill is kind of likely to be used up, not only if we don’t have any balance left.
It is really rare that people use it sustainable by daily quota.
Among youths, there’s almost no one who uses phone bill wisely.
And you might often experience that when we have plenty of top up balance, we ran out of our balance too soon than it should. I’m not accusing it of fraud. One thing is that MPT might just continue this plan to put the QR code system only in 10,000 ks and 20,000 ks top up cards, as a standard that distinguishes them from top up cards under the price of 10,000 ks. Anyhow, we should be thankful with their effort to make topping up easier. If they do it for all tops up card categories, we should even complement that MPT thinks of its customers.