Convenient solution for payment issues, Onepay

The cashless payment system is very popular in Myanmar with the use of developed technology in finance. It is such a good action to change a better modern lifestyle with convenient payment solution for money transfer, and other travel activities through smartphone. Although there are just a minimum amount of users around the rural areas of Myanmar, there have good opportunities to widely spread using cashless payment in the rural areas as the number of users increased later.

Adding an application inside the mobile phone to make the payment for restaurants, consumer store, bus tickets, air tickets and it is also a convenient way to make the payment and can transfer from one person to another. For that reason, many convenient and quick access payment applications are using in Myanmar. Photo Source –

Onepay Application is also one of the easy payment applications. Onepay is a mobile application that enables users to streamline the processes needed in everyday life. Onepay application can perform payment acceptance via smartphone, making payment for buying products and services, top-up bills, paying bills, ordering foods.

Onepay application is an online payment processing platform used by ecosystem users and entrepreneurs. It is an application that makes it easy to use and interactive. The application can be used if the one has a smartphone and a registered SIM card. Photo Source –

The main features of Onepay Application for the users are the easy and convenient payment system of products and services at the stores, topping up bill to the Local SIM cards, payment for retail stores and living expenses, ordering a meal at a popular restaurant in town to the user’s front door, pre-order for sport equipment, buying bus ticket, make quick and easy deposit to the users’ AGD bank accounts, topping up on any wallet with any Visa, Master Card and Credit Cards, getting special discount through Onepay, and easy to make money with other Onepay users. Photo Source –

The beginner users of Onepay Application can download from Android and Apple Store for free. The phone number needs to register. You can contact any AGD branch for help when registration and can also contact and ask Onepay Agents.

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