z-waka health platform which connects directly with patients and doctors

As the technology is being developed, the medical care is also developing gradually. It is changing from the age of Technology with the use of the Internet to the age of using Applications. A simple and easy-to-use application for all medical care applications is z-waka Application which is launched by one of Health Care Provider companies based in Austria.

z-waka is an electronic medial platform to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. The users can use anytime and anywhere as this is a phone application. Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/z-waka-2068878310032561/

Patients can easily reach out to specialists or follow up with their doctors by requesting a teleconsultation session by text, voice or video call. The patients who need treatment at home can also book the doctor. Patients can also determine who can access their medical record and the doctors can also write a medical record for their patients. Once the test results are available, both the patient and the doctor can access the z-waka application. Both registered patients and doctors can be found in the z-waka application and registered patients and doctors in the z-waka app can be found in the app and can be considered trusted partners. The users can also transfer the medical checkup bill to the doctor through the z-waka application.

z-waka can be used conveniently on the website, phone application and messenger chatbot but times are limited to connect. The users can register an account in the application within 30 seconds. The payment needs to pay with credit points which are inside your account wallet for Payment Service. Credit Points can be bought with Credit Cards, MPU, and Mobile Wallets and can also sell them. When going to the laboratory, the patients need to set up an email that is sent by SMS. Once the result is released, the patients and doctors can watch through the z-waka Application. Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/z-waka-2068878310032561/

The medical records will not be lost and will be stored in the z-waka cloud. The users can access the medical records at any time.

As the packages for the patients, 2,000 MMK will be cost for connecting to the patient’s doctor for follow-ups, finding new trusted doctors on the platform and receiving professional consultation through messaging or voice/video calls, 15,000 MMK will be cost for finding z-waka trained doctors around the patient’s area, getting a quote based on description of the patient case before the visit and getting trained on the usage of the z-waka platform for later follow-ups during the home visit. 80,000 MMK will be cost for the medical record. 80,000 MMK will be cost for taking care of finding the right specialist for the user, setting up the appointment with the doctor and skipping the queue at the clinic or hospital to see the doctor.

There are three types of packages like starter package, basic package, and professional package for the doctors. No startup fee is needed for starter package and it gives access of receiving text based medical records, patient management system, wallet and POS, generating financial report, earning additional income by offering tele-consultation services, participating in home-visit program, referring patients to labs and reviewing test results in the app, and earning additional income by referring patients to other doctors.

Everything in starter package, adding photos and audios files to the doctor’s medical records, generating clinical management report, publishing promo articles and videos on z-waka platform, training, and certification for home visits, reaching out to colleagues and senior doctors for second opinion and earning additional income by offering second opinions for the basic package and it will cost 30,000 MMK. Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/z-waka-2068878310032561/

Everything in the basic package, customizing medical records according to specialty, writing medical records in private mode (only visible to you), receiving transcribing services for your medical records, initiate calls to the doctor’s patient, receiving free rental of home visit kit, collection of referral fees on the doctor’s behalf from partner labs for the professional package and 60,000 MMK will be cost.

z-waka application is available on Google Play Store and it will be available soon for iOS users.

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