OPPO Introduces headphones, TVs, and multiple devices

OPPO held a new product launch event with the theme “One More Step” on October 19. During the event, OPPO released a range of new devices including OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones, OPPO Watch RX1, OPPO TV S12, and OPPO TV R1 series3, thereby further expanding its IoT ecosystem.

The debut of these products is a sign of OPPO’s strategic drive to expand its portfolio in the IoT market. OPPO is crafting smart experiences with a human touch that use multiple devices across multiple scenarios, and achieves this through continuous innovation of core-entry level devices including smartphones, TVs, earphones, and watches. OPPO combines cutting-edge technologies with aesthetically appealing designs to help consumers attain intelligent and enjoyable lives. Photo Source https://www.oppo.com/mm/

OPPO partnered with leading global Hi-Fi brand Dynaudio to launch the OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones. The earphones were tuned by Daniel Emonts, Chief Acoustic Specialist of Dynaudio A/S, who is the acoustic designer of several Dynaudio award-winning speakers. Powered by an exclusive DBEE 3.0 acoustic system and featuring an innovative acoustic structural design, the OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones are capable of reproducing the rich, precise texture of music with Hi-Fi-quality while delivering balanced and natural sound. Additionally, the earphones’ noise canceling function works across all scenarios and features ANC dual active noise cancellation, multi-level noise reduction management, and natural communication while in transparency mode. The earphones also support triple microphone call noise cancellation and wireless charging. Photo Source https://www.oppo.com/mm/

During this event, OPPO debuted two series of TVs, the OPPO TV S1 and OPPO TV R1, available in three different models. The 65-inch OPPO TV S1 features a 4K QLED resolution Quantum Dot wide color gamut display. The NTSC 120% ultra-wide color gamut enables purer and more vibrant graphics and softer and smoother color transition. The ultimate 120Hz refresh rate and variable refresh rate (VRR) ensure that sports and gaming graphics appear smoother and more natural.

In terms of the acoustic performance of the TVs, OPPO partnered again with Dynaudio to deliver immersive cinematic sound quality. The OPPO TV S1 is equipped with eighteen stereo surround speakers with a total power of up to 85W, supporting 5.1.2 channels and Dolby Atmos.

OPPO TV R1 is available in 55-inch and 65-inch models equipped with a quad-core processor and high-speed Wi-Fi 6, offering users a new living room experience with the “instant-on” feature. Photo Source https://www.oppo.com/mm/

Additionally, OPPO launched its first round dial smartwatch OPPO Watch RX and an updated ColorOS Watch 1.5 with new dials, sports modes, and a variety of apps, to further improve the user experience. OPPO also partnered with League of Legends to roll out three custom products in China: the OPPO Watch League of Legends Limited Edition, OPPO Watch RX League of Legends Limited Edition, and OPPO Find X2 League of Legends Esports: Worlds 2020 Edition.

With the deployment of 5G and AI technologies around the world, OPPO is accelerating into the era of the Internet of Things, where the demand for the capacity of interaction amongst devices is surging. As a world-leading technology brand, OPPO has long been more than just a phone maker; it has shifted its long-term focus to create a new IoT ecosystem.

Going forward, OPPO will focus on three key application scenarios: Personal Entertainment; Home appliance & Furnishing; and Sports & Health; and will gradually build up its IoT product lineup around these themes.