Telenor Myanmar was awarded “most advanced market operator of Asia”

Myanmar is becoming the glamorous market in Asia Region for telecom operators as during these years, the price of SIM card is decreased into 1500 Kyats such an affordable price for all people.
The government also has permitted the license for two foreign operators.

After emerging two new operators: Telenor and Ooredoo in Myanmar, the existing operator MPT and two new operators have been competing with the best services to gain customers’ satisfaction.
But MPT is leading at the top in the network broadening if compared with two new operators.

Telecom Asia regarded Telenor as the best overall service provider within the rising demand market in Myanmar.
In regarding Telenor as the highest market operator by Telecom Asia, creative innovation, financial performance, technology, market leading and business management were evaluated as the criteria and according to the results of evaluation, Telecom Asia has approved Telenor as the higher performance operator than others.

Good news to be shared, as the best service can be provided to customers in the most promising market in the Asia region, Telecom Asia designates Telenor as “The most advanced market operator” in Asia.
Telecom Asia Awards is being awarded twenty times and it is the oldest and the most influential award in the telecommunication sectors of the Asia region.
Those awards are honored to the telecommunication services/organizations and individuals to recognize their innovation and outstanding performance.

Telecom Asia Awards Selection Board is composed of experts within telecommunications sector and is an independent assessment team which the members have to vote on innovation, Finance management performance, Technology, market leader upbringing and business management.

The awarding ceremony was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 3rd May and the award was accepted by Daw Caroline Yin Yin Htay, Telenor’s Chief Financial Officer.
As Telenor, the sense of joy is shared that it’s very delighted to be awarded such a prestigious award and will continue the attempt for the effective development of communication sectors in Myanmar.
And believe that the customers will have socioeconomic benefits of mobile and digital technology.

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