ATOM donates Braille printer to Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind to support the educational needs of visually impaired youths

To support the educational needs of visually impaired youths, ATOM, Myanmar’s leading 4.5G VoLTE network provider,has made a significant contribution to the Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind (MCFB) with the donation of an Index Braille Everest-D V5 model embossed printer and 150 boxes of printing paper. The donation, valued at MMK 58 million, was handed over during a ceremony held today at MCFB’s school in Mayangone Township, Yangon Region.
Under its ‘Advancing Life and Education’ program, ATOM recognizes the importance of inclusive education and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those who face unique challenges. ATOM’scontribution will significantly enhance MCFB’s capacity to produce essential materialsfor the education and development of 200 visually impaired youths currently enrolled in their educational support programme.

Image: ATOM
The donated braille printer, a globally-popular Everest-D V5 model, is a high-quality, user-friendly embosser specifically designed for producing a variety of materials, including books, publications, and worksheets. The Everest-D V5 is a popular choice for organisations that produce braille materials because it ensures high-quality braille dots on printing paper and
offers options for booklet-format printing. With its printing speed of 140 characters per second, it is a higly efficient tool for producing braille materials.
U Win Paing Kyaw, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ATOM, expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact thisdonation will have on the lives of visually impaired youths, stating, “Education is a fundamental right for everyone, and ATOM is proud to support the Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind in their mission to provide quality education for visually impaired individuals. Our donation of a braille printer and printing paper is a step towards creating a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.”

Image: ATOM
In addition to the braille printer, ATOM has donated 150 boxes of high-quality printing paper totalling150,000 sheets, which is anticipated to meetMCFB’s requirements for over one and a half years. ATOM’s donation ensures a sustainable impact on education for visually impaired individuals, as MCFB will be able to utilise the high-quality publications and learning materials produced for the benefit of students in the years to come.
ATOM invested and made special arrangements to import the printer and printing paper from overseas in response to MCFB facing challenges in sourcing such equipment and materials locally. With the handover of the donation, MCFB will proceed with its plans to produce materials that will help its visually impaired students read, as well as gain knowledge and skills.

Image: ATOM
“This generous donation from ATOM comes at a crucial time for us. The braille printer and printing paper will enable us to produce educational materials efficiently, empowering blind youths with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive,” said Rev. U Thein Lwin, General Secretary of MCFB.
ATOM has in the past 18 months committed nearly MMK 1 billion to improve the infrastructure and facilities in monastic and orphan schools and create better learning environments for the benefit of over 9,500 children and youths.

Image: ATOM

Furthermore, ATOM this year donated (ICT) Information and Communication Technology labs to four under-resourced schools in Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw. With a combined
value of MMK 58,319,200, each of the four ICT labs includes high-performance laptops, computer software, broadband internet, and other equipment. The ICT labs will empower more than 5,800 students with access to computer systems and tools to learn and explore technology in a hands-on manner, and will enable them to gain digital literacy, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.