The new plan of Telenor internet can be able to use with the same price in all Asia countries

Telenor Myanmar is the sub company of Telenor Group in Norway. Since 2013 February, Telenor Myanmar involved in bid for Myanmar Mobile License and got 15 years permission for development of Myanmar Teleport & Communication. Wikipedia Zero is the first program provider of Telenor in Myanmar. Telenor starts checking their mobile network at legal mobile service city in 7th April,2014 with Trialed and at Mandalay, Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw in 5th February,2014. Telenor Myanmar cooperates with the Yoma Bank and introduce the Mobile Banking program in 2014,November.Their aim is to allow people who have a bank account to have a check in financial service. Five year ambitions of Telenor are to influence 90% of Myanmar population, to build 9000 of the base situation, to have 100000 of Telenor sale shops and to give the job opportunities.

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The new plan of Telenor internet can be able to use with the same prize in all Asia countries was introduced in 13rd April,2018 and the services can also use in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Taiwan. People who are visiting or working in above countries cost 8 kyats for 1 MB with Telenor prepaid and postpaid whatever doing business project or connecting with friends & family without necessary to pay extra-cost. Previously, normal internet price cost 500 kyats for 1 MB according to the country, but now all of Telenor users can use “ASIA 8” promotion to reduce cost of 99.95%.During Myanmar Water festival, sharing travel experiences on Facebook or other social media in foreign country cost as the price in Myanmar, so we don’t need to worry about cost. Telenor Myanmar said that they are always trying to give the best services and also support new services and promotion for the future. During travelling or staying Inland, Telenor Sim card user can connect with family, friend who live another foreign country with cheap & convenient price due to Mobile Roaming Confederation. Nowadays, Telenor serves 4G Roaming services in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, UAE, Canada, Macau and Norway. The user of Telenor who arrive on 117 countries can connect 152 networks of Mobile Roaming Confederation. And nowadays, the user of 129 foreign countries connects to 193 networks of Mobile Roaming Confederation.