ATOM Unveils Toh Toh Topia, a Series of Adventure Games Playable in the ATOM Store App

ATOM announced the launch of Toh Toh Topia, a series of three games playable within the ATOM Store App. The 3D games are based on the adorable cat character, Toh Toh, and players will need to use their wits and skill to guide Toh Toh through a variety of exciting adventures!

During the 90-day campaign which commences today, ATOM customers will get one chance to play Toh Toh Topia every day for free. For more chances to play the games, customers can purchase game packs within the ATOM Store App. Adding to the excitement of playing Toh Toh Topia are fantastic daily instant prizes. There are also bi-weekly prizes and grand prizes up for grabs which are valued at a total of MMK 353 million (MMK 353,000,000).

Image: ATOM

Said Ahmad Abdallah, Chief Operations Officer of ATOM, “Toh Toh Topia is a fun and exciting series of games which are perfect for both casual and avid gamers. With amazing graphics and engaging gameplay, players will be fully immersed in the world of Toh Toh Topia. We hope ATOM customers will enjoy positive experiences playing Toh Toh Topia, as it’s a great way to unwind and have fun with family and friends.”

There are three Toh Toh Topia game levels, based on themes of adventure and exploration:

  • Htoe See Toe (Level 1):    The game player shall navigate Toh Toh to prevent Toh Toh from being caught by other characters, up till the endpoint of the game.
  • Bar Sar (Level 2):    The game player shall choose three correct ingredients and recipes to make food that Toh Toh wishes to eat.
  • Sein Pyay Lite (Level 3):   The game player will navigate Toh Toh to catch his three friends within a limited timeframe.

During the campaign period, ATOM customers can enjoy one daily free game play chance when they access Toh Toh Topia in the ATOM Store App.  For more chances to play the game, customers can purchase game packages from the Toh Toh Topia game home screen. Alternatively, customers can purchase one game play chance at MMK 99 using their main phone balance. Customers can also use their phone balance to buy “Game Booster,” a feature which allows prolonged gameplay.

Players of Toh Toh Topia stand a chance to win daily instant telco prizes each time they successfully complete one level of the game. Game players who complete all three game levels will also be eligible to win bi-weekly prizes such as iPhone 14 Pro Max devices (5 winners) and 1 tical (16g) gold (5 winners) which will be awarded based on a lucky draw format. ATOM customers can try their luck to win the bi-weekly prizes by playing Toh Toh Topia each week.

Image: ATOM

Game players who complete all three levels of Toh Toh Topia will also receive one Mega Grand Draw ticket. At the end of the campaign period, ATOM will select the top 50 finalists of the Mega Grand Draw using an electronic lucky draw system. Customers who have more Mega Grand Draw tickets will have a higher chance of being one of the top 50 finalists. The winners of the Mega Grand Draw prizes will then be drawn from the top 50 finalists.

The Mega Grand Draw prizes include:

  • Cash Prize:    One (1) winner of MMK 50 million (MMK 50,000,000 / 500 Lakhs)
  • Cash Prize:     Two (2) winners of MMK 20 million (MMK 20,000,000 / 200 Lakhs)
  • Cash Prize:    Three (3) winners of MMK 10 million (MMK 10,000,000 / 100 Lakhs)
  • Cash Prize:    Four (4) winners of MMK 5 million (MMK 5,000,000 / 50 Lakhs)
  • Gold Prize:    Ten (10) winners of one tical (16g) gold

ATOM customers can use the ATOM network to play the Toh Toh Topia game in the ATOM Store app without incurring data charges. For more information about Toh Toh Topia, visit The ATOM Store App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple Store or from the ATOM website: