Huawei Myanmar hosts online panel discussion on ICT’s transformative potential and impact on Myanmar industries in new digital era

Huawei Myanmar today hosted an online panel discussion, “ICT Enhances Sustainable Outlook for New Digital Era in Myanmar” at Huawei Myanmar Head Office, Yangon.

With the aim to improve public understanding of ICT’s essential role in the transition to a new digital era, and to raise awareness of new technologies that will impact the economy in the Myanmar market, the panelists discussed tech-powered solutions which are currently impacting the global digital world.

Speaking at the online discussion were esteemed Myanmar panelists Dr. U Tun Thura Thet, Founder and CEO of Myanmar Information and Technology Pte Ltd,  U Wai Phyo, CEO of Onelink Technologies Co., Ltd, Vice-President (UMFCCI),  and U Aung Chit Khin, Founder and President of Strategy First Education Group Ltd. , and Ma Mya Hnin Eain, PR manager of Huawei Myanmar as a moderator.   Photo Source

This meeting of top Myanmar ICT voices comes at a pivotal developmental juncture Myanmar: Although it started late in the ICT industry, its development speed has been amazing. In the past few years, Myanmar has been one of the countries with the fastest development of mobile connections in the world. There is currently an added impetus for ways forward in light of the ambitious Myanmar Digital Economy Roadmap 2018-25, which aims to strengthen Myanmar’s position by enabling the use of digital technology in government, trade, and investment. The plan lists 14 goals, including raising the share of online financial transactions in the economy from 0.5% in 2019 to 30% by 2025 and increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) in digital industries from $6 billion to $12 billion over the same period.

The live panel broadcasted on Huawei Myanmar’s Facebook page included sessions mainly covering the topics on looking back and discussing the experiences and cases over the past few months, about the current situation and looking forward to how ICT can help to recover the economic and lastly what Myanmar should do to embrace the new digital era.

Dr. U Tun Thura Thet mentioned “We are still in the infant stage. That’s why we need to use the method called Quantum leap. In the desktop era, only a few people in Myanmar could afford computers. Most of the people had skipped the desktop era and moved on to the mobile and tablets era. In the future, we might not even need mobile devices. Instead, we might utilize AR and sensors. If we continue in old ways, we cannot catch up with the other countries, we must use Quantum leap as a vision. We cannot use quantum leap in all areas of course, but we can selectively set a vision to do better in certain areas.”

CEO of Onelink Technologies Co., Ltd, U Wai Phyo examined the fruitful advantages of technology applications in business and balancing the unique technological requirements of business entrepreneurs. He said “For Digital Transformation, government officials, businesses and consumers should all join force and participate. The government should set affordable prices if they want rural areas to be able to use technologies. Moreover, businesses should not be fear of digital transformation, taking it as expensive and difficult. Instead, they should think of how to change and what to change. Consumers and users also should learn how to use and increase their Digital Literacy.” Photo Source

I think that more authority is needed for further improvement in the private sectors. For example, the Telecom industry has improved significantly after being let go. How much investment the Government is willing to put in Digital infrastructure and how much further private sectors can walk on it, will define a significant improvement. How much are we going to invest in ICT vocational training? Repatriates from overseas come back with skillsets and technologies and it is important that we utilize these people to their full benefits” said U Aung Chit Khin.

“We are pleased to be hosting this online conversation led by expert Myanmar industry leaders which serve as a platform to contribute more knowledge from the global ICT sector. Their insights on how the world is evolving laterally with cutting-edge technology and reflections on how the global community is dealing the impacts of advanced technology will shed light on ways the country will pursue its own distinct journey towards digital transformation,” said Mr. Ding Zhaoyi CEO of Huawei Myanmar. He added, “Opportunities to facilitate progressive engagements in the field of ICT runs in-line with our commitment as Huawei Myanmar to be a catalyst to help the long-term development of the local ICT sector.”

The recorded video is also available on Huawei Myanmar Official Facebook page at ( for those who missed out the live session. This is the second Online panel discussion organized by Huawei Myanmar during the Covid-19 period after the 2nd Huawei Myanmar ICT Congress was held two months ago.