Let’s check websites on April Fools’ Day

Image Source: https://news.northeastern.edu/2016/04/01/april-fools-2016

The custom that people can lie on April 1 may already be familiar to Myanmar.

However, in Myanmar, few people know some websites publish jokes’ contents on April Fools’ Day.

Because most people didn’t use internet in Myanmar until relatively recently.


The joke content of April Fools in 2016 is aggregated on this page and so on.

Those who cannot wait until April Fool this year, please view these sites and be patient.


Last year, I had not seen joked contents on April Fools’ Day on the Myanmar website, as the number of websites has increased in the past year, some websites may publish joked contents.


If you find joked content on April Fools’ Day on Myanmar’s website, please let me know.


Because April Fools’ Day of this year is Saturday, there are a lot of people who are off work, so I hope those who have some free time will find joked contents on Myanmar’s website.