Rates of four Internet Service Providers that home internet user need to learn

When you decide to install the internet in a home, you need to know the detail prices for the installation fees. That’s why, it needs to know the price of the internet service providers and it is much easier when you know the price and services. Thus, we recommend the four internet service providers that make it easy to set up an internet connection at home.

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5BB Broadband

For the internet users of 5BB, it has 6 months subscription fee (Free), one month (Free) and the prices are as follow:

Eco Plan                                         5Mbps                                                   25,000 Kyats

XXS +                                             10Mbps                                                 40,000 Kyats

XS                                                   16Mbps                                                  49,500 Kyats

XS +                                               26Mbps                                                  72,000 Kyats

S                                                      45Mbps                                                  99,500 Kyats

M                                                     70Mbps                                                  149,500 Kyats

L                                                      100Mbps                                                249,500 Kyats

XL                                                   200Mbps 4                                             49,500 Kyats


For those who want to buy 3 months pre-paid installment (Free), the prices will be:

Eco                                                  5Mbps                                              25,000 Kyats

XXS+                                              10Mbps                                            40,000 Kyats

XS                                                    16Mbps                                            49,500 Kyats

XS+                                                  26Mbps                                           72,000 Kyats

S                                                      45Mbps                                             99,500 Kyats

M                                                     70Mbps                                            149,500 Kyats

L                                                      100Mbps                                          249,500 Kyats

XL                                                    200Mbps                                        449,500 Kyats


Monthly installments (with a six months agreement) are required to pay an initial installment fee of Kyats 50,000 and one month Deposit. The prices are as follow:

Eco                                                  5Mbps                                             25,000 Kyats

XXS+                                              10Mbps                                           40,000 Kyats

XS                                                   16Mbps                                            49,500 Kyats

XS+                                                 26Mbps                                           72,000 Kyats

S                                                    `45Mbps                                           99,500 Kyats

M                                                     70Mbps                                           149,500 Kyats

L                                                      100Mbps                                         249,500 Kyats

XL                                                   200Mbps                                         449,500 Kyats


For more detail about 5BB Internet, check the link below.


Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/myanmarnetinternet/

Myanmar Net

For those who want to use Myanmar Net Network, the followings are its internet prices and packages.

  • 24,000 Kyats 10Mbps                2 external accounts
  • 32,000 Kyats 5Mbps                  2 external accounts
  • 44,000 Kyats 24Mbps                2 external accounts
  • 64,000 Kyats 47Mbps                3 external accounts
  • 83,000 Kyats 61Mbps                3 external accounts
  • 120,000 Kyats 120Mbps            3 external accounts


19,000 Kyats for installation fees (Promotion till August 31st) (Normal 24,000 Kyats) and 10,000 Kyats startup money for 3 months sign to pay each month and the installation will be free for 6 month contract. We can get free CANAL + access to all 19 internet packages without extra charge for all fiber internet services.

If you want to get the detail information about Myanmar Net, you can check the link below.


Photo Source – http://bit.ly/MptDomePyanMM

MPT Dome Pyan

MPT Dome Pyan with the unlimited data for home and office use will be launched with installation free during August 17 to 31. Moreover, mobile data, MPT to MPT phone calls and unlimited SMS services can access up to 3 mobile phones as a benefit. The speed and the monthly fees are:

20 Mbps + (1GB Data, 100 Minutes {on-net}, Unlimited SMS {on-net} x 3 Mobile numbers)   –  39,000 Kyats

50 Mbps + (2GB Data, 100 Minutes {on-net}, Unlimited SMS {on-net} x 3 Mobile numbers)   –  69,000 Kyats

100 Mbps + (3 GB Data, 200 Minutes {on-net}, Unlimited SMS {on-net} x 3 Mobile numbers)  –  109,000 Kyats

For the detail information, you can check the link, http://bit.ly/MptDomePyanMM  and call *9090#

Unilink Myanmar

Family Packages (FTTH) for Unilink Myanmar Internet users are

10 Mbps – 30,000 Kyats

20 Mbps – 54,000 Kyats

30 Mbps – 76,950 Kyats

40 Mbps – 81,000 Kyats

60 Mbps – 118,000 Kyats

Installation has been upgraded for new customers and valid coupon period until December 31, 2019, and you can use when buying Smart Devices.

If you want to know more about Unilink Myanmar, check the link below.