mingalavalue Website where you can find and apply for IT Jobs in Japan

mingalvalue website is a great opportunity for IT Job seekers in Japan. Those who want to change jobs, and job seekers can search for jobs on the mingalavalue website after registration. The followings are the main categories on this website.

(1) Job opportunities in Japan and Myanmar are available in two languages, Japanese and Myanmar

(2) Knowledge about Japan

(3) Know-hows for those who are working in Japan

(4) General knowledge that Myanmar people in Japan should know when looking for a job.

(5) Job opportunity events will also be featured on a regular basis.

This website was hosted by the Japan Myanmar Job & Knowledge Page which host the only Myanmar Job Fairs in Japan every annually and Part-Time job Times Co., Ltd. Photo Source https://mingalavalue.jp/

The website also has a special program for Myanmar IT Professionals in Japan. That is, more than 80% of IT/Engineers consulted by the company got a good career up life that want. The acquaintance of those people was also consulted when looking for a new job and they also had a good career they want. In that case, this is a special event for both friends to win cash prizes while changing jobs.

As the special program (1), you will be awarded 50,000 yen after your acquaintance gets a job by the time one month after getting a job. The required skills are

(1) Myanmar IT Professional in Japan

(2) Japanese N2 Level

(3) 3-year experience in IT Field (Japan) Photo Source https://mingalavalue.jp/

As the special program (2), you will be awarded 50,000 yen for your contribution if you and your friend who gets a job participate in an interview program run by the company. Here’s to apply –

(1) Send your name, contact number, your friend’s CV, and resume writing in Japanese via mail.

(2) Your partner can also apply directly through the mail. And the applicant needs to suggest a name, contact number, and address.

Visit the following link for more information.