Mogozay which has various kinds of items to buy or to sell

Sometimes it is better to buy the product you need by visiting the store personally since you can choose the product you like but sometimes you could not get what you want even though you spent hours at the store. Sometimes, the product you saw accidentally can become your most favorite items or your most useful items. Therefore, buying your favorite products on the spot that you think will be useful for you can bring happiness and joy to you.


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For people doing small retail businesses can be able to get more customers and to make their products more popular or for those people who want to browse for different kinds of products in one place and buy them, Mogozay Website will be a good advantage for them.

Mogozay is an Online Shopping center which was started running in Yangon. You can buy or sell various kinds of consumer products such as beauty and fashion, electronic products, baby and kids products, and household items just in one place.


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As you can browse and buy for a total of more than 15000 categories which can give customers satisfaction as the quality of the products are worth more than their price and since all those different kinds of items can be bought without paying for extra delivery charges as you can collect your order at the nearest places of Mogozay collection point. Mogozay is not only convenient to use but also selling different kinds of useful items to different standards of customers.

In Mogozay Website, there are many kinds of products listed such as Women’s Fashion, Men’s fashion, Shoes and Bags, Jewelry and Accessories, Furniture, Household items, Mobile and related accessories, Digital products, Car accessories, Mommy and Baby accessories and toys, Cosmetics, etc.

For people who want to sell on Mogozay Website, they have to register for a new account on Mogozay Website and set their shop name. After that, the details of the products which they will be selling must be registered. After completing the registration process, you can start selling and managing the order details. As soon as you got the order, you can pack the orders and mogozay will take over the leftover the process from you. For the payment for the order, you will be received money directly in your bank account and you can also continue to expand your business.


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For people who want to buy products from the Mogozay website, you have to register for a new account first. You can register by clicking the Login button and choose Open new account and fill in the form. Mogozay Server will send you the OTP Code which includes 6 numbers to the phone number that you used to register. After that, in order to log in, you have to type in your email and password which you used to register and log in. Login successfully message will be displayed which means you have successfully opened a new account on Mogozay Website. To buy the product, you have to login by clicking the Login button at the right corner of the website. You can read for enquires regarding Product exchange, frequently asked questions or buying a product and making the payment on Mogozay Website.

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