MPT Launch “New Yu Htar+” Service For Its Customers To Get Loan Balance Up To 4,500 Ks When Their Balance Run Out

MPT announced the launch of Yu Htar+, a newly revamped version of its Loan Balance Service, offering its customers a higher amount of balance that they can borrow when they run out of their mobile balance.

The existing scheme allows MPT prepaid customers to borrow 800 Ks (service fee 60 Ks) balance for emergency situations or whenever it is not possible to top-up their balance. The newly introduced Yu Htar+ Service will allow customers to conveniently borrow 1,500 Ks, 2,500 Ks, and 4,500 Ks of balance with a low service fee of 150 Ks, 250 Ks and 450 Ks respectively. Photo Source

Customers can borrow balance multiple times however the exact amount of balance individual customers can borrow will up to the individual credit limit which is determined by the scoring system. Prepaid customers can easily borrow balance from MPT when they need it the most and pay it back when they top up again.

Mr. Tetsunori Nagashima, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM JO, said “Thanks to our new Yu Htar+ Loan Balance Service, customers need not to worry about low mobile balance, especially in emergency situations or whenever it is not possible to top-up their balance. With Yu Htar+, customers can easily and conveniently borrow credit balance from MPT to continue staying in touch with friends and family when you are running low on mobile balance.”

MPT launched Yu Htar or “Loan Balance” Service in 2016 to help its customers to overcome the inconvenience of reaching low balance at a critical moment and allow them to have continued access to MPT’s services. The operator is “Keeping Myanmar Connected” by providing essential telecommunications services to customers from all walks of life from across the country.

Customers can easily apply for balance credit by texting 800 to “8000” or dialing *800# or using MPT4U App. Terms & Conditions of Yu Htar+ Loan Balance Service –

(1) Available for Prepaid Customers only

(2) Users should be active on the MPT network for more than 30 Days.

(3) At least one top-up in the last 90 days.

(4) Users need to have a minimum top-up amount of 3,000 Ks in the last 90 days.

(5) User cumulative borrowed amount should not exceed his advance limit. Photo Source

When the customer top-up his mobile balance, the borrowed amount and service fee (commercial Tax included) will be charged from the customer.

For example, if the customer borrows 800 Ks from Yu Htar+ service, 860 Ks will be recovered on the next top up, (800 Ks as the borrowed amount, and 60 Ks as a service charge (commercial tax included)).

For more information about MPT call 106, visit the MPT official Facebook page at or MPT official website