Introducing “Myanmar Goal”, a soccer application for soccer lovers


After the guest and win competition program for the soccer fans, the new soccer application Myanmar goal, where the football lovers can find out the latest soccer news, lives and predictions of the six best soccer leagues, the outcomes and the schedules of the games, the articles and the interesting video cuts of the games, was introduced on 12th March 2020 at the City Star Hotel, Yangon.

Myanmar Goal has been running as a football service updating the latest news, outcomes, and predictions for 15 years and now it came back as a soccer application “Myanmar Goal” with the advantages of amazing technologies and experiences. You can get the daily results, accurate news and predictions of Premier League, La Liga League, Bundesliga League, Serie A-League, Champions League and Euro Leagues in the Burmese Language every day and furthermore you can also watch International Soccer Games online anytime and anywhere. You can download and install the application from the Google Play Store and make registration with your phone number for free. Photo Source By Myanmar Tech Press

For 15 years, the Myanmar Goal Soccer Service has been updating the news and predictions of the games on the Myanmar Goal Website and also via sending SMS Links to the soccer lover. With the increasing usage of mobile phones, the Myanmar Goal Soccer Application has been created so that daily latest soccer news, lives, predictions of the six best soccer leagues, results, and schedules of the games, the thoughts on the games can be found out conveniently on a smartphone in one application. With smartphones, tablets and the Internet, the user can download and install the Myanmar Goal Soccer Application and can find out all the latest news, predictions, thoughts on the games and the results in one place. You can also rewatch any games you want.

“We’ve been working on Myanmar Goal for 15 years since 2004. In the beginning, we focused on the latest news and results of the games and deliver additional news to the soccer lovers via SMS links. Now you can download the Myanmar Goal Application from Play Store for free and can use it with free registration. Buying Packages are not available at present. You can just use with your phone number. We made the news and schedules of the games available in one place instead of viewing many pages. We focused on the news as recent and accurate as possible.” said the Marketing Manager of Myanmar Goal, Ko Khin Lat. Photo Source By Myanmar Tech Press

“Myanmar Goal has six article writers, including me. We update at least 14 articles per day for an average. It depends on the condition of the games. You can find out the articles in the application and there is also a contest made by the application. For this contest, you can download the application, make registration, the best three games are already given and just predict the winning score of these games at the prediction section. We will choose the winners among the correct answers randomly. There will be first prize, second prize and third prize for those who can answer all the three games correctly. The first prize is 50,000 kyats, the second prize, 30,000 kyats and the third prize, 20,000 kyats. If there is no winner for this week, the prizes will be added to the next week’s prizes.” said the Assistant Editor of the Myanmar Goal, Ko Kaung Htet.

In the prediction section, you can guess the outcomes of the games and can also find out the predictions. At the Live section, you can watch the games and the most recent news of the soccer world. At the V link Section, you can watch the soccer videos. You can also add your favorite soccer team to your favorite list. Photo Source By Myanmar Tech Press

For now, the Myanmar Goal will make the prediction contest of the soccer games weekly. The contestants have to answer the correct score of the given games at the prediction section of the Myanmar Goal Soccer Application. The winners of the contest will be selected randomly among the correct answers and will be awarded the first prize 50,000 kyats, the second prize 30,000 kyats and the third prize 20,000 kyats every week. You can Install Myanmar Goal App by clicking the following link.