Telenor introduced Roam Like Home plan for Telenor users

Telenor Myanmar has introduced their new plan called “Roam Like Home” which includes using the internet overseas with the cost of using the internet domestically and other attractive services to their customers on July 26th, 2019.

Telenor has introduced their new plan called “Roam Like Home” for Telenor users when they go to Asian 10 countries for visit or for business, they will be only charged according to the domestic internet plan.


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According to this new plan, Telenor users can communicate from overseas with their friends, family or colleagues with only 10ks per 1MB and they only need to pay for the service charge which is 99ks daily or 599ks per week.

For prepaid and star post-paid users of Telenor, they can use internet service in Vietnam, Thai, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia. But India is also added to the list of the countries where internet service is available for Telenor users with the lowest rate as possible.

The internet charge was a minimum of 500ks for 1MB in those Asian 10 countries that have mentioned above before but with this new promotion plan “Roam Like Home”, the charges will be lowered up to 99.93% for Telenor users. For those customers who do not want to pay for service daily or weekly, they can get ‘pay as you use’ plan for 15ks per 1MB.

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For Prepaid users, they can call *979*2*5*8# for a daily payment plan and *979*2*5*2# for a weekly payment plan to register. For post-paid users, they can call *999*1*1*13# for a daily payment plan and *999*1*1*9# for a weekly payment plan to register. They can also register for the service via MyTelenor app.

“This new plan called “Roam Like Home” is to fulfill one of the wishes of Telenor for our customers to give our customers the best services. Because of this plan, Telenor users can communicate with their family and friends daily without losing contact when they are traveling to Asian 10 countries to visit or for business” said Myanmar Marketing Executive Officer of Telenor Myanmar Amaresh Kumar.

Telenor Myanmar users can connect with a total of 183 partnership operators from 129 countries at the moment and 4G roaming service of Telenor can be used in China, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Macau, Taiwan, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgian, Britain, and Norway at present and Telenor is now working to let users use 4G roaming service in other countries also.

Users of other partnership operators with a total of 238 from 138 foreign countries are currently connecting and using the Telenor network in Myanmar.