VMware Unveils 5G and Edge Advancements, Driving Myanmar Towards New Chapter of Innovation-Led Growth

VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) announced its 5G Telco Cloud Platform, empowering Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to better meet the growing demands for 5G-powered innovations in Myanmar. The VMware 5G Telco Cloud Platform is a consistent cloud-first solution, powered by carrier-grade and high-performance cloud-native infrastructure that enables CSPs to support future-forward technology applications across the region.

With 5G expected to contribute almost $900 billion to Asia’s economy over the next 15 years1, organizations are stepping up on their digital transformation efforts to accelerate the pace of business innovation as they adapt to dynamic customer demands, amidst an increasing cloud and mobile-first economy. As Myanmar readies itself for 5G deployment in the next two to three years2, CSPs in Myanmar require a field-proven network powered by a modernized cloud that delivers web-scale speed and agility while maintaining carrier-grade performance, resiliency, and quality.

VMware’s innovative multi-cloud platform simplifies and accelerates the rollout of 5G networks, while enabling CSPs to embrace cloud-native principles, enabling them to deploy innovative applications and services to market faster to better meet the growing demands from businesses.

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“VMware continues to accelerate the delivery of a comprehensive telco and edge cloud portfolio that addresses our customers’ challenges of today and enables them to harness the opportunities of tomorrow,” said Ko Pyi Soe, Country Manager, VMware Myanmar. “With support for cloud-native technologies in the Telco Cloud Platform, CSPs can now boost their innovation speed to deliver new applications and services, reduce operational complexities, and realize substantial total cost of ownership savings, further accelerating the rollout of their 5G networks to support the growth of Myanmar’s digital economy.”

The VMware Telco Cloud Platform combines VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure – an evolution of the vCloud NFV solution – and VMware Telco Cloud Automation – the recently launched multi-domain orchestration and automation capability. The 5G ready Telco Cloud Platform is tailored for CSPs to easily embrace cloud-native technology and deliver applications and services across the multi-cloud infrastructure.

As CSPs evolve from NFV networks to cloud-native and containerized networks, VMware is evolving its VMware vCloud NFV solution to Telco Cloud Infrastructure, providing CSPs a consistent and unified platform delivering consistent operations for both Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs) across telco networks. Telco Cloud Infrastructure is designed to optimize the delivery of network services with telco-centric enhancements, supporting distributed cloud deployments, and providing scalability and performance for millions of consumer and enterprise users. These telco centric enhancements enable CSPs to gain web-scale speed and agility while maintaining carrier-grade performance, resiliency, and quality.

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Tightly integrated with Telco Cloud Infrastructure, VMware’s Telco Cloud Automation intelligently automates the end-to-end lifecycle management of network functions and services to simplify operations and accelerate service delivery while optimizing resource utilization. Telco Cloud Automation also now supports infrastructure and Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) management automation to streamline workload placement and deliver optimal infrastructure resource allocation. It also significantly simplifies the 5G and telco edge network expansions through zero-touch-provisioning (ZTP) whenever capacity is required.

To speed up the deployment of network functions and services by CSPs, VMware recently expanded the Ready for Telco Cloud program to add support for VMware Telco Cloud Automation. With the release of VMware Telco Cloud Platform, VMware is further expanding the program to accelerate network function readiness for deployment. The program scope extends to container-based network functions and these workloads conformance with VMware’s Cloud Native stack as well as the automation offered by the stack. CSPs can expect that Network Functions that passed certification will be quicker to onboard and deploy on the VMware Telco Cloud Platform while accelerating CSPs time to revenue. To date, more than 35 partners have received more than 180 certifications as part of the program.

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