Refund scheme resumption for creating new WavePay Account and payment

It is announced that users will be able to get a refund of 500 kyats for creating a WavePay Account and up to 15,000 Kyats for additional payments.

During the promotion period, you will receive a refund of up to 15,500 Kyats by creating a new WavePay account and making the required payment. Photo Source

You will need the following steps to do.

  1. Download the WavePay Application on your phone.
  2. Register a new account from January 16 to 22 with a new phone number.
  3. You will receive a refund of 500 Kyats when you top up at least 5,000 Kyats to purchase your favorite products and services. (Top-up must be made on the day of new account registration.)
  4. You will also be eligible to participate in the Refund Schedule for purchases from the day you open a new account until 31 January.

From 18th to 31st January, you will get a 20% refund for purchases up to 5,000 Kyats. From 1st to 28th February, you will get a 30% refund for purchases up to 5,000 Kyats. From March 1st to 31st, you can get up to 5,000 Kyats 30% cashback on purchases. You will be able to get a total of 15,500 Kyats.

Read terms and conditions at the following link.…/1KCQmBP1nqKVxHhpYaRq…/view…