AB Programming Training Center launches Web Development Course November

AB Programming Training Center, run by the Japanese IT company, Aluto Benli Company, has now launched the new Web Development Course in November. This course is a combination of the two-course, Frontend Development, Web Foundation Course + Backend Development, PHP Web Development Course as the Web Development Full Course.

Those who want to start their living as a Web Developer in Japan or other foreign countries, Web Developer or Web Designer at outsourcing Japanese companies in local and IT companies, who want to start their career as a Web Designer, or in the Web Development industry, who want to learn Web Development from the beginning, those who want to learn PHP web development systematically, who want to create own website or online shopping website using PHP should attend this Web Development Course. Photo Source https://web.facebook.com/alutobenlitraining/posts/4537807266254603

The course will start on 1st November 2021. The subjects to be taught in this Web Development Full Course are as follows.

(1) Web Foundation (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap)

(2) HTML, which is the most basic part of a website

(3) CSS to make a website more beautiful

(4) JavaScript that performs the action of a website

(5) HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive web designs

(6) Bootstrap, a web design responsive framework

(7) World Wide Web

(8) Dynamic website

(9) PHP Web Development

(10) PHP Environment & Operations Syntax

(11) Database Technology-MySQL (A must-know subject in the real world)

(12) OOP Concept (Essential for Programmers)

(13) SQL Query

(14) JQuery

(15) Laravel Framework (Framework Introduction)

Those who don’t have the basic knowledge of programming can also attend from basic to enter the workplace level and will be able to learn writing projects and website designs on their own from this Web Development Course. It is a Web Development Course, the combination of Frontend Development, Web Foundation, and Web Design plus Backend Development, PHP.

Those who want to go abroad as a developer, who wants to earn his living with Web Developing or a Web Designer, who want to write their own website, create their own design for a website, and those who want to create an elegant website design, those who want to learn PHP Web Development systematically, and for those who want to create their own website or online shopping website using PHP should attend the course. Photo Source https://web.facebook.com/alutobenlitraining/posts/4537807266254603

The first three registrants will receive an additional 20,000 kyats discount and a chance to attend for only 130,000 kyats. The course is three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The training period is from (04:00 PM to 06:00 PM) and will last for 3 months. The trainer will teach face to face with Zoom.

The course fee is 150,000 MMK. The regular course fee is 150,000 MMK and the fee is now reduced in these difficult days for people who want to learn technology and for those who are about to enter the workplace in the future.

Only a limited number of people are accepted in order to teach effectively with Zoom Live. The deadline for pre-registration is October 28. Online Payments are also accepted.

You will receive the Certificate from the AB Programming Training Center if you meet the required class hours. Recorded files will be provided for trainees to review the lessons.

The course will start after explaining the usage of Zoom software for those who don’t know how to use Zoom to join the class. You can contact 09- 759 646 802 or Page Messenger. Wave Pay, KBZPay, AYA, and CB Payments are accepted.

The training center address and contact number are as follows.

No.77, Room 2B, Dhammazedi Road, Myaynigone,
Sanchaung Township
Phone : 09- 759 646 802 , 09-777 439 885

Visit the link below for more.