Welldone, a freelance platform that connects businesses and freelancers

Welldone is a freelance platform that connects businesses and freelancers. Here are the rules to follow when using the Welldone.im website. Welldone.im is only permitted for those who are over 16 years old with Myanmar Registration/Visitor Registration or Myanmar Passport holders. In that case, you will not be able to register at Welldone.im without the above information.

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Welldone.im will close your account if you do not have the above information.


Services provided by freelancers with fees are called services on Welldone.im.


Services that buyers pay is called a project.


Clients who pay for services on Welldone.im is a buyer. Everyone who registers on Welldone.im is a Buyer.


Anyone who has applied for a job as a Freelancer at Welldone.im is considered a Freelancer.

Welldone Credit

The amount you can use to pay for a job on the Welldone.im website.


Coupon or Payment Service Provider (s) used to top up Welldone Credit.


Numbers provided by Welldone.im to top up Welldone credit are coupon.


The amount of topped up Welldone Credit.

Payment Service Provider

Banks or online payment services designated to top up Welldone Credit are Payment Service Providers.

Photo source https://www.welldone.im/home


The service fee after completion of projects is Revenue.


Earning is the available withdrawal amount after paying the service fee of Welldone.im.

Friend Code

The personal number of each user registered on Welldone.im is Friend Code.

Welldone.im is a website that connects freelancers and entrepreneurs in Myanmar to complete projects. Only those registered at Welldone.im can work as Freelancers and will be able to hire freelancers. Registration at Welldone.im is free. You can read the detailed terms and conditions at the following link.


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