ATOM Launches the Mhya Ta Programme to Empower Persons with Disabilities through Employment


ATOM, Myanmar’s leading 4.5G VoLTE network provider, today announced the launch of Mhya Ta (မျှတ) a programme to provide meaningful employment opportunities and training to persons with disabilities. ATOM is the first and only telecommunications operator in Myanmar to initiate such a programme, reflecting its efforts towards social responsibility and its commitment of creating an inclusive workplace culture and being the best place to work in Myanmar.

The Mhya Ta programme will offer a two-month work placement (internship) to selected participants, providing them with a chance to gain valuable work experience and professional skills. Following the two-month internship period, the employment status of the participants may be converted to a one-year fixed-term contract based on their performance, career aspirations, attitude, as well as work quality and knowledge.

Throughout the programme, participants will undergo comprehensive training, acquiring essential skills such as digital literacy and proficiency in Microsoft Office tools. They will also benefit from dedicated mentoring sessions facilitated by ATOM employees, who will guide them on their journey. Ensuring fairness, all participants will receive equal compensation and benefits, fostering an inclusive environment that levels the playing field for everyone involved.

“At ATOM, we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed,” said Mr. Muhammad Ziaullah Siddiqui, Chief Executive Officer of ATOM. “That’s why we’re excited to launch Mhya Ta, our unique programme to provide job opportunities and training to persons with disabilities. We know that persons with disabilities have a lot to offer, and we’re committed to helping them unlock their full potential.”

“We’re proud to be the first telecom operator in Myanmar to launch such a programme, and this comes after we initiated a similar programme previously. We aim to empower individuals with diverse abilities, ensuring they have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the workforce. We encourage all persons with disabilities to apply for this programme, and we look forward to seeing them succeed,” said U Win Paing Kyaw, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ATOM.


Mhya Ta Programme Now Accepting Applications

The Mhya Ta programme will offer employment opportunities within ATOM departments such as People Group, Corporate Affairs Group, Business Group, and CEO’s Office. Diverse roles will be offered including Receptionist, Team Coordinator, Internal Branding & Events, CSR Support, Internal Communications, and Data Entry. These roles will be

based at ATOM’s head office in Yangon.

Applications for the Mhya Ta programme are open from 13 November 2023 to 30 November 2023. Applicants can submit their resume via email:, ATOM’s Career webpage:, or as a message to ATOM’s Facebook page: or LinkedIn page:

Basic English proficiency is the only application requirement, and shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview screening process. The two-month internship period will commence in January 2024 with four selected participants.
ATOM Enhances Facilities at its Head Office for Workplace Inclusiveness

To foster an inclusive workplace at its head office, ATOM has implemented comprehensive measures to enhance accessibility for persons with disabilities. These measures include the installation of accessible turnstiles and door systems to ensure ease of movement throughout the office premises. To ease the commute and eliminate financial barriers, ATOM will take an additional step by covering travel expenses to and from work for the programme participants.

ATOM’s efforts towards disability inclusion will also focus on building a culture of awareness and understanding. To achieve this, ATOM will conduct specialised disability inclusiveness awareness sessions for employees and leaders. This included a workshop held on 13 November 2023 named “Connecting the Dots” which involved ATOM employees from across the country.

The Mhya Ta programme builds on ATOM’s track record of providing meaningful employment to persons with disabilities. According to the 2019 Myanmar Inter-Censal Survey, 12.8% of the population, estimated to be 5.9 million people, are living with disabilities in Myanmar[1]. Recognising this, ATOM sees an opportunity to not only provide job opportunities but to formulate a targeted inclusion strategy that actively attracts workers with disabilities. In today’s fiercely competitive labour market, ATOM believes that such strategic approaches are not just beneficial but essential for fostering a workforce that thrives on diversity.