CB Bank Card Services can be accessed online by scanning QR Code

CB Bank Card Services can be accessed online by scanning QR Code.

The available services are below.

(1) Activation and Deactivation Debit/Credit/Prepaid cards.

(2) Applying Debit cards for eSavings and Smart Savings Personal users.

(3) New application for expired, lost, or damaged cards.

(4) Resolving payment disputes using the card.

To get CB Bank Card services, you can scan the QR Code at the nearest branch, or apply for the service through the QR Code shown in the image below and the bank will check the information provided by the cardholder. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/CBBankmyanmar

The bank will provide the service within two days after the inspection and will contact the cardholder if you have any required information.

CB Bank services like local remittance, money transfer, payment to CB Bank Account, issuance of Worker Remittance, and Top up services are now available in CB Pay Agents across Myanmar.

Users can now withdraw the specific amount from CB Pay Agents, and there are more than 1,000 CB Pay Agents providing services and 50 major agents currently. You can also withdraw cash from OK Doller Agents across Myanmar by transferring money to OK Dollar through CB Pay Application. As a special offer for a new deposit account, you can withdraw an unlimited amount of money and a special interest account has been opened on May 3 at CB Bank and its pre-connected branches. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/CBBankmyanmar

The service can be made an unlimited cash payment and used for a personal account, joint account, or corporate account (Company). The checkbook will be issued with a Special Account Seal which is different from the previous books. The available services for opening a special account are unlimited cash withdrawals on cash deposits, unlimited transfer money from Special Account to other CB Bank Accounts in various ways, transfer from CB Bank Special Account to other bank accounts, and calculating the interest on the daily closing balances of CB Bank Special Account according to the balance.

Visit the following link to apply for card service through the CB Bank website.