Clubhouse Social Audio App with special Audio Chat feature

People used to spend their spare time on social media, exploring their hobbies, interests or chatting with their friends. The clubhouse is another social networking application that will appeal to many users.

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Unlike other social media applications, Clubhouse is a social audio app. Users will only see Audio Chat Rooms rather than photos and audio when entering the app. In each room, they will discuss related to the room topic. Users can listen to the content that is interested in or can also create a room of their own to discuss.

Users can easily switch from one room to another. Users can never turn on their camera to stream video or use text to say something as the application is mainly focused on Audio Chat. As noted in a blog post, the Clubhouse company says, “Clubhouse is voice-only, and we think voice is a very special medium. With no camera on, you don’t have to worry about eye contact, what you’re wearing, or where are.”

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Once you’ve created an account in the Clubhouse, you can choose the topics that interest you. The topics related to your interests will appear on the main page. And you can check the schedule of the upcoming rooms in the calendar icon.

The clubhouse is available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store. Visit Clubhouse Official Web Page for more information.