Microsoft introduced Bing with new AI features in partnership with OpenAI

“It’s a new day for search.”

After becoming quite popular with OpenAI’s Chat GPT, Microsoft has introduced a new web search engine called Bing in its Edge Browser. Although Bing has been used in Edge Browser for a long time, the introduced new version combines the new-gen OpenAI ChatGPT Model and Microsoft’s Prometheus Model.

Microsoft introduced the update which is one step ahead of Google and we will have to wait and see what kind of updates and features will Google introduce.

Image: Microsoft

At the event held in Washington, Microsoft introduced OpenAI’s GPT-4 Model for long-term cooperation with Bing and the Chat GPT-like experience. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft also said “It’s a new day for the search”

The new Edge Browser version will include new AI features as a sidebar. Since it is a function like ChatGPT, the new version will be able to talk through the Toolbar. Microsoft will display GPT-based results in the box on the right depending on what you search for.

Image: Microsoft

However, just like ChatGPT, the information returned to questions is not always accurate. One thing to be aware of is that Bing rephrases the questions itself and displays possible answers to these questions. As OpenAI’s Chat GPT bot was trained based on data from 2021, Bing’s GPT is sure to outperform.

Another interesting feature of Bing is that it will add the source of the answers as “Learn More” at the end of the answers. Plus, there will be a feedback option for every answer.

Image: Microsoft

Currently, the new version of Bing with AI features will not be available. Those who want to use it immediately can make a reservation on the waitlist. For those who want to make a reservation, click here to access and click Join the waitlist. You can also access and check the Bing test results.