The goal of the education sector, an important place Pandaing Map Website


Lately, as internet usage in Myanmar has grown gradually, the opportunities for people who are passionate for education has also grown. Because of the ability to easily search on the internet about the course they wanted without putting much effort, it becomes more convenient for people. In this case, there are Facebook Pages and websites that are on the must-follow list in order to find the courses and classes easily.


Today, I would like to recommend a useful educational website for people who are eager for education called “Pandaing Map”. This website is about educational articles and the details about the courses, classes, and schools in Myanmar. And, it is available not only on the internet but also on Facebook Page. By following their Facebook page, you can read the useful and knowledgeable articles daily. It has over 30000 followers and provides the articles daily.





Photo Source – Screenshot By Myanmar Tech Press

The website help to find out the classes near-by by the location of the user and also help the user to know more about the information of the classes. In addition, users can easily read a variety of knowledgeable articles about education on the website.


When the user first enters the Pan Daing Map website, the user can see the “Let’s search the schools and classes now” quote. Following that quote, it was programmed to easily choose school names, the address of schools and the course. On the website, there is information on about 3000 schools. In Pan Daing Map website, it is demonstrated with “Find out schools by townships” quote and it is available in not only in Myanmar but also in countries all around the world.


The website is designed to search the schools easily by using the map and the addresses of the schools are also provided. And what makes the website easily accessible is the ability to search for own choice and get to the detail information of the school. For example, if you are a parent looking for a Pre School for your child, you can search the near-by Pre School easily on the Pan Daing Map website and choose the best school for your child.


Additionally, if you are the one who is looking for a good website to advertise your school to get more public awareness, and become popular among the passionate edu-enthusiasts, Pan Daing Map has an effective program to promote your school on both Pan Daing Map Website and Facebook Page. Or if you would like to announce the upcoming dates and schedules of classes to the students, you can talk on Pan Daing Map Chat Box and directly call the provided numbers for inquiries. Indeed, education is important for people of all ages and just become acknowledge of it, you can share and give advice to your family and relatives.


For those who would like to know more about the website and Facebook Page of Pan Daing Map, the contact number and the company address have provided where you can contact for advertising programs and get public awareness.


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