Making a Visa Card at Myanmar Apex Bank

According to these days, most of travel to foreign countries are either by business or by visiting. For the facts that, VISA Cards are being used, that is easy to use in financial. So, here is some knowledge when making a VISA Card at Myanma Apex Bank.

The international travel card of Myanma Apex Bank is VISA Prepaid Card with an MAB seal. You can buy products and services through VISA Prepaid Card and can input 3 foreign currencies (SGD, USD, and EURO). You can add an equal amount of USD 5,000 or the maximum amount of USD 5,000.

With the use of MAB VISA Prepaid Card, it can go shopping internationally, get new experiences about Online Shopping, and some special promotions from VISA. Thus, the international travel card of Myanma Apex Bank is the best partner for both long and short trips.

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The main advantages of the VISA Card are, it is able to top up in every nearest Myanma Apex Bank Brunch, with Mobile Banking of Myanma Apes Bank, from the ATMs of Myanma Apex Bank, through the Saving/Current Account or Foreign Account by filling the standing instruction form of Myanma Apex Bank, and it will be able to top up with internet Banking of Myanma Apex Bank in the coming years.

Some benefits to Visa Card users are that they can withdraw easily, withdraw cash from the ATMs all around the world, there are no monthly and annual fees for the price advantages, is possible to use more than one type of currency, and it is usable in all around the world.

The main requirements for VISA Card applicants are age must be over 18, Myanmar national or foreigner, documents, national identification card or Passport, and Email Address are needed.

When applying the MAB VISA PREPAID CARD, it needs to fill the documents at the nearest MAB Bank. The required documents, copy of national identification card (front and back) or a copy of passport and an email account are needed. It also needs to take the original national identification card or passport for all the applicants. For the applicants in Yangon Brunch, the waiting day is 3 days from the day you apply, if you want to print your name on the card. For the regional brunch applicants, it needs to wait for a week from the day you apply, if you want to print your name on the card. You will get the card immediately if you don’t want to print your name. When the card is ready, it needs to be taken by yourselves with your national identity card at the bank. It needs to check the Email to avoid missing special chances and other notifications.

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Fees and Chards for the card will be charges 10,000 kyats and USD 5 (+ other ratings) for withdrawing from ATM and other local ATMs – USD 3/SGD 4/EUR 3 + other rate charges by the local banks.

USD 3/SGD 4/EUR 3 + other rate charges by the foreign banks for the foreign ATMs and checking balance in the ATM at MAB ATM will be free. USD 3/SGD 4/EUR 1 + other rate charges by the foreign banks for checking balance in local ATMs. USD 3/ SGD 4/ EUR 1 + other rate charges by the foreign banks for checking balance in foreign ATMs.

If you want to change cards, 10,000 kyats will be cost and 3,000 kyats for requesting account balance at the bank counter. You don’t need to pay when topping up. When topping up the foreign currency, it will cost 2 percent (min USD 10). The minimum top-up amount is 10 USD and 1,000 kyats for changing the password.

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