The Best places for a Wireless Router to put

Users should know how to reduce the impact of losing signal connection for wireless routers where Fiber Internet is unavailable. Fiber Internet transmits data using fiber optics while wireless transmits data using electromagnetic waves and causes a weaker connection than fiber internet. But, weather conditions can affect the wireless signals. Here are some tips that wireless router users should know.

(1) Place your router centrally

As wireless broadband routers transmit from all directions in a circle, you should place your router at the center of your place in order to get a better connection across your place. 

(2) Avoid Walls

Placing your router near thick walls can reduce your signals. Thick walls make it harder for your home internet to be passed from room to room and absorb wireless signals and reduce the quality of your broadband. You should try to place away from thick walls to get a better signal.

(3) Place it out in the open

To reduce the unnecessary impact of reducing the signal connection, you should avoid placing your router under things or behind the sofa.  

(4) Avoid the Kitchen

Electronic appliances, large metal surfaces, and microwaves that use the same channel as Wifi Routers, 2.4 GHz can interpret a huge impact on the wireless signal of your router as it uses the radio signal.

(5) Avoid Electronic Items

Cordless phones, baby monitors, and other devices that use radio signals to communicate are especially problematic as these devices will crowd the channel and compete with your broadband connection. 

(6) Experiment with different locations

Don’t settle for the first location you place your wireless router. Experiment by changing the location of your router to see if the signal strength or stability improves on your various devices. This can help you find the perfect spot to achieve the most powerful and reliable Wi-Fi connection possible.