Mobile Application That Should Be Install On Your Smartphone

Healthfulness includes at the top level of very important roles for human beings. So, it will be very healthy and happy as if humans live with awareness while going around and stay somewhere. Moreover, it is a very good performance of sharing knowledges about healthcare for friends and surrounding livings where we live. How can we search about the knowledges of health. And should forward knowledges as much as we can about the understanding of healthcare process. Photo Source By Myanmar Tech Press

As the technologies improved, websites and applications are more widely used to solve the requirements of health knowledges and daily activities required. There are many developments of applications where we can discuss directly for the other healthcare sectors beside the application where we can take bookings to appoint doctors of Clinic. Applications that describing now are very necessary to install on your smartphone mobile application for the healthcare sector.

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(1)Myanmar First Aid Application

This application contains basic healthcare information including emergency recuse process, emergency contact numbers, address and phone numbers of Community Health Organizations around the country, and general information about health, and can ask questions that you like to know about healthcare. Myanmar First Aid Application is very suitable for old ages and youths including all male and female and can help people in surrounding to give the knowledges about healthcare. It is designed in Burmese language and very easy to use. Please go to the link below and install.

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(2)Medicine Guide Application

This application is one of the mobile application that describes pros, cons, does and don’t instructions details explanations about 400 kinds of foreign medicines and over 3300 usage instructions of foreign medicines. This application should be installed on your device for the persons who like to know about the medical instructions and can search the medicines that suitable to take for you. This application describes about the medical instructions in Burmese language and so it is very easy to use. Please go to the below link and install now.

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(3) Dr Myanmar Application

This application is one of the app where we can read articles that related to healthcare. Besides, it also describes the available time of specialist doctors, BMI calculators, and Pregnancy calculators and also includes clinics, hospitals, laboratories, charity clinics, etc. It is one of the app where can get contacts to request about the things that would like to know about the facts related to healthcare. This App was designed to describe in Burmese language and so, it is very useful for the persons who study about the health knowledges. You can go to the link below and install.

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(4)Channel Doctor App

This is one of the necessary App to install for good healthcare. It describes daily instructions about daily exercise for health, baby health, foods &health, beauty, and diet plans, etc. It’s very supportive app and describes in Burmese language. You can install from the below link.


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(5)My OPD

My OPD App is one of the android app using smartphone to search day and time schedule to watch outpatients at National General Hospitals. This app is very useful for the doctors working at outside clinics and round doctor at General Hospital. It is very important to know which hospital need to watch outpatients in which day when planning to move the patient. If they know quickly the round time schedule of one of the treatment department from the hospital, there want to move in the application, they can estimate the time of appointment for the patients. This application is one of the mobile app that can give very effective information for the General Hospitals in Myanmar. You can install from the below link:

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(6)Medical Abidan App

Medical Abidan App is one of the first Medical Dictionary App that displays words into Burmese Language. It includes over 7000 of medical words. This App can be used almost all of the medical students, nurses, and health service persons. This App can also be used easily by the persons who like to study about medicines. Design of this app was created smartly band so it will be very easy to use. Go to the below link and can install on your devices.