SAS Mobile POS Software which can use in stores using smartphones

Having a smartphone in hand is very useful as a computer. Not phone calls but installing our favorite software improve our standard of living. That’s why people use applications to do their hobbies and to handle work-related issues. Photo Source –

It will be surely successful for the store owners to manage the profit and loss of the financial problem systematically. People can use accounting software to handle them conveniently.

SAS Mobile POS is a Mobile Application that is designed for the stores to manage the products and financial situation with a save of time. The whole business can be handled with just a Mobile phone.

POS includes sales list, inventory credit list, debt list, receipts list, cost list, monthly report, daily report, monthly profit statement, daily profit loss list, and other features. Photo Source –

The sales list can also browse the daily trading list and filter by date/month/year. The debt list can be browsed as give and take the amount of each voucher/receipt/supplier/customer and receipt list can also be browsed as deposit/receipt of supplier/customer.

Cost list can be browsed as transportation cost, staffing cost, and room cost and can also watch the sales, purchase, costs, sales monthly report of a month. As a daily report (daily sales, purchase, costs, receive and give), monthly profit list (monthly profit, monthly net profit), daily profit list (daily profit, daily net profit) and sales/purchase and information of the products for other feature. The user can quickly browse the warehouse location and sell the product quickly as it has a Barcode system. Moreover, the data can be backup. Photo Source –

SAS Mobile POS software can be used in stores, phone shops, phone accessories stores, motorcycle accessories stores, car accessories stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, and other similar businesses. The price will be 50,000 MMK and available for a lifetime. The user can use his convenient language font as the input language is both Zawgyi and Unicode. Without paying the annual fees and monthly fees, this software can be used with a one-time subscription.

Check the detail information from the hotline 09262700006 and the following link