Launching Athipay App by Ooredoo for latest updates on COVID-19

Staying informed during COVID-19 is a top priority for Ooredoo Myanmar, which is why Ooredoo is now supporting the launch of the “Athipay App”, developed by a group of volunteers.

The app keeps people in Myanmar, up to date with the latest and right source of news and information during this critical time. All Ooredoo customers can download this app free of charge and other operator users can download from

Since the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19, Ooredoo Myanmar supported the development of the app concept and a group of 20 young volunteers has built an application, which helps to prevent and mitigate the spreading of the virus. A team of volunteers who are Android developers, UI/UX designers, data analysts, product/system architects, and marketers, independently did the entire development of the Athipay App. Ooredoo is supporting this app by offering a free download (no data charges apply) via Ooredoo Zone ( and bearing some technical app hosting costs.

Some of the main features of the “Athipay” application include push notifications for the latest news and announcements from the Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) and Ministry of Information (MOI) along with other useful features.

(1) Contact Information including address and hotlines of nearby hospitals, emergency services, civil society organizations, charity organizations for donation and etc.

(2) Interactive map of global and local up to date COVID-19 cases with detailed information including active, inactive, recovered cases.

(3) Self-Quarantine Checker tool to identify the need for quarantine based on a series of questions.

“We are very glad that we can enable the flow of information during these critical times. We hope that by bringing this app to users, they will be able to feel a sense of reassurance and they will always have access to the latest information and news that can help themselves and their loved ones as well,” said Mr. Rajeev Sethi, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar, of the reason behind bringing “Athipay” App to Ooredoo customers. Photo Source

Ooredoo Myanmar, a socially responsive telecom operator in Myanmar hopes to bring comfort and information to users, which can in turn help prevent and protect them against COVID-19 by having the correct information, right at their fingertips. At the same time, Ooreodo will keep people emotionally connected even when they are physically distant.