Logic Info Software, a vital program for shops

An accountant is one of the crucial job positions in operating a shop be its supermarket chain, wholesale/retail outlet or convenience store. The responsibilities of an accountant include not only recording both daily and monthly expenditure and income of a shop in an account ledger but also calculating and analyzing the cash flow and profit/loss from these records. With the advancement of technology in today’s society, the majority of work can be completed and achieved with more ease and efficiency than before. With the trend of utilizing phones and computers more widely, these accounting records can be calculated and analyzed easily, effectively and accurately. Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/logicinfomyanmar/

Before getting the developed technology, the shop’s operations, not only much of the time is wasted while using a calculator, but also monthly and yearly account reports and income and expenditure reports will be on the table in messy and unorganized manners. With Logic Info Software, these issues can be voided and solved as many functions can be completely achieved with a computer on a table or with a click of your phone with ease. Be it checking and accessing the account reports, organizing reports by month and year base on categories, inputting, editing and controlling the records from afar, with Logic Software you can make your shop accounting operations easier. Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/logicinfomyanmar/

Logic info Software can help shops complete would be, opening sale and purchase accounts, creating and printing sale vouchers, checking sale and purchase records, accessing leftover inventory in detail, rechecking account reports based on the months and years, rechecking report of remaining surplus products in the inventory, inputting the records of daily, monthly, yearly Sale Return and Purchase Return in detail, recording account payable and receivable, checking the records of account payable and receivable, recording and checking the report of damaged/ lost goods in the inventory, recording, and checking, recording and checking payment of employee’s salary, electricity, and water bill payment, checking daily, monthly, yearly profit and loss, recording the merchant’s information such as address and phone number and any other important information.

As the Logic Info Software is created using advanced technology in order to ensure and secure confidential information, the users can use the software with complete trust and confidence. Additionally, the voucher can be printed in two sizes 80mm and 58mm using Portable Receipt Printer. As for the language, not only the software support both Myanmar Unicode and Zawgyi, hence, users can freely choose their preference but also the English language can be utilized. Photo Source – https://www.facebook.com/logicinfomyanmar/

As for Software Update, every time a new version is out, New Features can be used without additional payment. There is also a free trial period of 7 days for the shops to test the software with their Mobile Phone or Tablet. After the trial period is ended, the one-time payment of 240000 kyats is needed to make, to continue using the software.

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