Popular Real Practice Education for its effective learning (Interview with Saya Bryan, founder of Real Practice Education)

Real Practice Education is a class open to those who really want to learn English. For its effective teaching methods, it can be said as a must-attend class for those who are passionate about the English language.

Real Practice Education was started under the management of Saya Bryan, who had retired from the position of general manager in 1917. The class has been successful so far as Saya Bryan is also a passionate person about English.

“After retired, I thought about what to do and an idea came to my mind of opening an English class as I studied a lot for myself. After looking at the advertisements of the other classes, I realized that I could do the same and started Real Practice Education,” Saya Bryan said. Photo Source Real Practice Education မှ စတင်တည်ထောင်ခဲ့သူ ဆရာ Bryan

At first, there were difficulties in location for the class, and I used the front room of my son’s house as the class location.  Since there are only 12 trainees are available to sit in that space, my class was started with 12 trainees.

“The main purpose of my class is to help those with poor language skills, as I have seen many graduates with poor language skills, speaking and writing skills,” he explained.

The curriculum for the current English class courses are designed by Saya Bryan. Including basic grammar, I also prioritize teaching in apply English. I also intended to teach from intermediate level to advanced level. The number of trainees has exceeded the limited number and it has been between 1,200 and 1,500 trainees since its inception of 2017.

“First, the class fee cost 45,000 kyats for three months which cost over 10,000 kyats per month. After 2 years, I raised to 60,000 kyats due to the rising expenses. Now, I run the class two or three times a month. There are about batch number 52. The class fee has been increased to 90,000 for 51 batch due to the expenses,” said Saya Bryan. Photo Source https://www.facebook.com/RealPractice

Previously, it was an offline class till batch 28 and changed to Zoom classes after the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Saya Bryan, he intends to make an application and website later, but still not possible at the moment. In addition, he wishes to make the class with a diploma provided class.

“To those who would like to take the class, you cannot study English that you have studied for over 10 years, easily. You need to apply English that you have learned in the class. Here, I teach them how to apply the language and I only want students who are passionate about English. I want students who think it’s nothing if we don’t now English and we must but not a short-lived enthusiasm. I would like to encourage those who really are passionate to attend,” said Saya Bryan.

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